Natural Beauty Hub Beautegrity Launches in Hong Kong

Beautegrity curates the best selection of quality, natural and affordable skincare products for Hong Kong beauty lovers

Green products continue to sweep the beauty world promising eternal beauty the natural way. But with all brands claiming to have found the elusive fountain of youth – who can you really trust? Beautegrity helps to unravel the mystery of natural and organic skincare by researching and testing products and providing clear labelling to guide customers through the purchase process.

Advocating authenticity and transparency in skin care, Beautegrity ensures that all products featured on its one-stop platform have the highest quality ingredients with the least amount of chemicals. What’s more, the platform highlights each product’s ingredients to help consumers understand exactly what they are putting on their skin.

“In reality, there is rarely such a thing as chemical-free skincare. Most natural and organic beauty products use some chemicals to preserve or stabilize the natural ingredients. Beautegrity keeps it real and authentic. We seek out the best quality skincare products at affordable prices and always highlight the ingredients so our customers can make an informed decision about their skin care,” says Emily W Chang, Founder and Chief Authenticity Officer of Beautegrity.

Beautegrity has now launched in Hong Kong and products are available for purchase just in time for Christmas at