17 May 2024 By May Ng

Nespresso | Unveils Korean Actress Kim Go-eun as Brand Ambassador of Asia

With Hollywood stars George Clooney and Julia Garner Introducing Nespresso’s New Limited Edition Summer Collection

Nespresso, the global leader in premium coffee experiences, has selected actress Kim Go-eun as Brand Ambassador of Asia and unveils a new advertising campaign with Hollywood stars.

Known for her versatility across various genres and her unwavering commitment to social causes and environmental protection, Kim Go-eun embodies the very essence of Nespresso’s core values.

Nespresso’s global brand ambassador George Clooney has been joined by Julia Garner and Kim Go-eun in Nespresso’s latest TV advert ‘The Bet’.

The superstars highlight the breadth of flavors and styles in Nespresso’s Vertuo range, as George Clooney and Julia Garner jovially compete against each other to guess coffee style choices. The result? A campaign that not only tantalizes taste buds but also captivates hearts.

The comedic film opens with George Clooney and Julia Garner at a house party and predicting other guests’ coffee choices. In enters Kim Go-eun to select her coffee, with Julia and George going head-to-head to guess her chosen blend.

“Intenso”, Clooney decides, while Garner confidently disagrees, “No, cool, definitely ice.” Waiting to see their fate, Kim Go-eun reveals her choice – Ice Leggero. It then cuts to the big reveal – Julia and Go-eun have teamed up, and George has been outsmarted by his co-stars. As the two women drive off in Clooney’s sleek convertible car they have just won, he looks hilariously disgruntled and attempts to ride away on Garner’s less glamorous vintage scooter. He lost the bet.

A coffee to suit every mood and taste

With over thirty blends and numerous coffee styles, from short espressos to longer cups, to iced or functional coffees, Vertuo provides coffee lovers with incomparable coffee experiences for every moment, at the touch of a button. The coffee range features some of the finest Arabica and Robusta beans to deliver an intense, smooth and layered taste, providing superior coffee quality and infinite recycling benefits in the most responsible way.

For customers wanting the ultimate coffee experience from the comfort of their home, there are a range of Vertuo machines available, including Nespresso’s Vertuo Pop for a splash of color, Vertuo Next for the full Vertuo coffee menu and the newly launched Vertuo Lattissima for the barista experience at home.

Taste the Summer Memories

Nespresso launches its Unforgettable Mediterranean Summer collection with refreshing iced coffee drinks — starring a new limited-edition flavor — and exquisitely designed accessories. Complete with sophisticated recipes made to evoke sun-drenched days, the collection comes in a mood-boosting color palette thoughtfully selected in collaboration with Pantone.

Specially crafted coffee designed to enjoy over ice

Nespresso rings in summer with limited-edition cold coffees made for warm summer days. The indulgent Sunny Almond Vanilla Flavor Over Ice for Vertuo is a smooth and refreshing flavored coffee with a light-roast blend of Arabicas, reminiscing of a cruise into a Mediterranean summer. This new flavored coffee comes in a collectable Habanero Gold packaging, designed in collaboration with Pantone and featuring the Pantone chip to add an extra touch of sunshine.

Now mainstays in Nespresso’s summer collections, the Coconut Flavor Over Ice for Original and Tropical Coconut Flavor Over Ice for Vertuo continue to add an exotic spin to your summer days.

The Cold Brew Style Intense for Vertuo offers a smooth, silky and bold texture coffee, boasting sweet caramel notes. Traditionally a slow process, Nespresso has re-imagined cold brew coffee with its Cold Brew Style Intense, delivering its profound character in just a few minutes, without any bitterness.

Coffee lovers can continue to enjoy Freddo Delicato & Freddo Intenso for Original and Ice Leggero & Ice Forte for Vertuo – which are part of Nespresso’s seasonal Barista Creations for Ice.

Journey through the mediterranean with Original World Explorations Lisboa Bica and Cádiz Espresso.  Immerse yourself in the charm of the Iberian peninsula with these limited editions.

Machines and accessories in joy-inducing Pantone colors

A series of summer-ready machines and accessories complement the new collection, each decorated with Pantone’s mood-boosting colors and the iconic Pantone chip. The Vertuo Pop and Essenza Mini are reimagined in limited-edition Mandarin Orange so your coffee experience matches your summer feeling.

The Unforgettable Mediterranean Summer collection would not be complete without new limited-edition Nespresso x Pantone Coffee Mug, Ice Lolly Molds and Coasters, and the limited edition Affogato bowl perfect to enjoy alongside your favorite coffee.

The Nespresso Unforgettable Mediterranean Summer Collection launches online and in Nespresso boutiques from May 20th and will be available for a limited time.

For more information on Nespresso, visit www.nespresso.com.