7 Sep 2023 By May Ng

NEW! Hangover Prevention Solution from Eve Bliss, Hong Kong’s Pioneering Functional Wellness Brand

Pioneering functional wellness brand, Eve Bliss, launches a new Functional Prevention Pack, a.k.a hangover prevention pack as Hong Kong gets back to full swing.

Available now, the Functional Prevention Pack (HK$68 for 5 sachets) offers complete hangover defense in tablet form and is the perfect complement to Eve’s debut product: Functional Recovery Soda. Eve Bliss recommends taking five tablets (one sachet), with water before or during a boozy night out to nix nasty headaches and wake up feeling refreshed. Each dose is conveniently portioned and packaged for single use and ease of carry.

Not all ingredients are created equal! Made in Japan, the Functional Prevention Pack boasts the finest quality and most curcumin-rich Okinawa turmeric, a potent anti-inflammatory. Curcumin is a timeless and proven ingredient for hangover relief and liver detox. Eve’s perfect formulation of this specific type of turmeric further maximizes the bioavailability for optimum impact and liver function support. The magical capsules help to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the liver which minimizes the potency of side effects commonly experienced after an indulgent night out. Eve’s portable and easily consumable prevention pack is a preemptive solution to next-day hangovers.

“Drinking socially is part of Hong Kong’s culture. The decision to create the Functional Prevention Pack isn’t an endorsement for excessive drinking, but rather providing a solution to help us enjoy our social bubbles whilst staying healthy and functional at the same time. It’s all about striking a balance, which resonates with EVE’s three pillars: harmonizing our physical, mental, and social well-being,” Amy Tsien – Founder and CEO of Eve Bliss

The next morning, crack open a delicious can of scientifically-backed Eve Bliss Functional Recovery Soda to replenish lost nutrients and kick-start the day. The plant-based formula is packed with high-quality Asian herbs, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, with no caffeine or added sugar, setting the mind and body up for success no matter what is on the agenda.

Eve Bliss’ mission of introducing balance and kindness to urbanites’ lifestyles will not stop there, Stay tuned for new products, events and workshops ahead.

Order Now: https://evebliss.co/product/functional-prevention-pack/