New Kiehl’s Since 1851 Vital Skin-Strengthen Super Serum

Introducing New Kiehl’s Since 1851 Vital Skin-Strengthen Super Serum

200% Stronger Skin

Visibly improve 8 skincare concerns & deeply penetrates to 8th skin surface layer

While skin aging is a natural, inevitable process, the rate at which it occurs can be accelerated by both internal and external factors. Due to these factors, early signs of aging such as dullness and transient surface textural changes can appear as early as 18 years of age.

One of the known accelerators of skin aging is stressors, which may come from inside or outside the body and can be short- (i.e. running to catch the subway) or long-term (i.e. ongoing exposure to city pollution). The constant assault skin faces from the urban environment is an important emerging external aging factors, and requires attention similar to that of UV-induced damage.

These stressors can contribute to early signs of aging by weakening the skin barrier. Stressors can activate signals that trigger the local release of cortisol in skin, a stress molecule, making skin vulnerable to free radical damage, leading to development of early signs of aging such as loss of resilience, suppleness, and radiance.

Kiehl’s chemists have created a formula that helps 200% strength1 to combat these unavoidable, daily stressors and visibly improve 8 signs of aging3 – Texture, Fine lines, Elasticity, Firmness, Radiance, Dehydration, Pore, Uneven skin tone – introducing the NEW Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum. An ultra-lightweight and fast-absorbing serum infused with 11kDa Hyaluronic Acid and an Adaptogenic Herbal Complex that helps strengthen the feel of skin’s resilience, suppleness and plumpness to visibly address signs of aging for healthy, youthful looking skin after just four weeks.

Suggested Retail Price^: HK$495 (30ml); HK$710 (50ml)

^Actual selling price to be determined by retailers