11 Nov 2022 By May Ng

Noble Panacea HOLIDAY 2022

Celebrate the art of giving this holiday season with Noble Panacea’s ritual sets. Each set is carefully crafted with sustainability at its core and combines a revolutionary skincare ritual with luxurious silk fabrics for the ultimate night’s sleep.

The Brilliant Eye Awakening Program

HKD 1,217

The Brilliant Eye Awakening Programis a ritual set designed to illuminate and brighten your eye area. It features The Brilliant Vibrant Eye Infusion and apure silk sleep mask that is gentle onthe skin while you sleep to awaken beautifully radiant in the morning.

The Absolute Overnight Reset Program HKD$3,137

The Absolute Overnight Reset Program is a ritual set designed to optimize your nighttime skincare ritual to renew, revitalize, and restore your skin. Featuring The Absolute Rejuvenation Night Balm and a luxurious pure silk pillowcase, your skin will be left beautifully luminous the next morning.

Noble Panacea_Holiday Set_Brilliant Eye Awakening Ritual Set
Noble Panacea_Holiday Set