Japan’s dynamic, trendsetting F&B Group, AP Company, introduces NOJO Ramen x Izakaya (NOJO), a rebranding of NOJO Ramen Tavern at the hip and trendy H Code in the heart of Central.  The revitalisation reflects NOJO’s culinary direction moving forward, introducing izakaya favourites to complement its artisanal chicken broth ramen noodles, to be enjoyed with a curated and extensive sake selection.

Helmed by a seasoned culinary team from Japan, NOJO’s celebrated Paitan-style ramen is complemented by nearly 60 special and unique izakaya favourites, featuring Oden, Robata (grilled appetisers), Agemono (deep-fried), Sashimi, Yasai (homemade salad), Tsumami (snacks to eat with sake), and more.

Highlights include Overnight Sake Lees, Soy and Ginger Marinated Fried Chicken (HK$88), made with a carved ‘bird’ that is brined and marinated before deep-fried into a crisp, golden brown; Assorted Sashimi 3 kinds (HK$218), served with a set of unrefined moromi soy sauce for diners to experiment blends for a unique taste.  The miso bean in the moromi soy sauce can also used as a salad dressing or as a dip to pair with Raw Cucumber with Moromi Mayonnaise (HK$48), one of NOJO’s new side dishes.

Cheese lovers may indulge in Soy Sauce Marinated Cream Cheese (HK$48), a new fusion ‘tsumami’ snack that is light, yet rich in flavour.

For guests who wish to embrace the onset of autumn, a selection of ‘Oden’, a hearty Japanese simmered dish are served, made with chicken broth or chicken collagen and flying fish broth. The playful selection includes Chicken Wings (HK$48), Tofu Skin Roll with Minced Chicken and Corn(HK$48), Tofu Pocket Stuffed with Bacon and Cheese (HK$48), Stewed Camembert Cheese (HK$48), Stewed Potato in Blue Cheese Sauce(HK$48), and Japanese Rolled Omelette (HK$48), Minced Chicken Stewed Onion with Miso Cream (HK$58) and Teapot Steamed Seaweed(HK$58).  An Assorted Oden (HK$118) platter features highlighted Oden specialties, perfect for sharing.

Known for its signature ramen broth made with chicken, NOJO will continue to serve its Paitan Style Chicken Ramen, flavours of which include Spicy Dandan (HK$88), Yuzu (HK$98), Shrimp Miso (HK$128), and Soy Sauce (HK$138).  Toppings such as Soft-Boiled Dashi Egg (HK$18), Chicken Tsukune Meatballs (HK$18), Spicy Minced Chicken (HK$18), and Slow-Braised Whole Chicken Leg (HK$38) can be added.

Apart from its inspired yet accessible food menu, NOJO offers extensive sake, wine and cocktail menu designed for customers to uplift the izakaya experience.  Its sake menu features thirteen handpicked premium yet affordable sake, priced from HK$68 (tasting portion), HK$128 (120ml) and HK$598 per bottle.

Highlighted special sake included Yui – Akaiwasan Omachi (Tokubetsu Junmai, Ibaroki), Yui Masshigura (Junmai Ginjo, Ibaroki), Yushin – Oidemai (Junmai, Kagawa), and Kagiya (Junmai Ginjo, Ehime) and Ryusei (Junmai Daiginjo, Hiroshima).

Specialty signature cocktails features the newly launched sake-based cocktails such as Rock’n Tonic, (using Japanese Roku Gin to mix with tonic water and green tea, topped with yuzu peel, lime and rosemary), Masu Mule (inspired by the classic Moscow Mule, blending Masumi sake, ginger ale, frozen lemon, sweet ginger pickle and rosemary); and Cloudy Forest (a saketini mixing Roku Gin with Nigori sake, umeshu, apple juice and rosemary) — all of which are  perfect refreshments as an outdoor terrace drink (all priced HK$98).

NOJO’s “Happy Hour All Day” promotion invites guests to visit from 3pm to 7pm to enjoy a selection of its vast libation menu along with ‘tsumami’, including an irresistible offer to sample four pints of beer and a choice of agemono dish including Maitake Mushroom Tempura, Sakura Shrimp Tempura, or Sake Lees Fried Chicken for HK$350.

Wines Day Wednesday” invites guests to celebrate the mid-week hump with a selection of international wines priced at HK$50 per glass and a discount of 30% per bottle of wine.

Designed in a fully conscious modern and cool Japanese manner, NOJO boasts an aesthetic of painted-finish furnitures and dark brown wood, complimenting a textured kitchen bar simply illuminated by warm colour pendant lights and subtle lighting.

Occupying over 2,100 sq ft, NOJO boosts an open kitchen and bar, with 34 seats in the shop full of live feeling; and 42 outside terrace seats creating an inviting space for the happy hour set to enjoy an after work libation.

NOJO Ramen x Izakaya is located at Shop 5 & Open Space, G/F, The Steps, H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong.

Opening Hours :

Monday – Tuesday : 12 noon – 4:30 pm ; 6 pm – 2 am

Wednesday – Saturday : 12 noon – 4:30 pm ; 6 pm – 3 am

Sunday and Public Holidays : 12 noon – 11:00 pm

For reservations or enquiries, please call (852) 2415-1333 or email