Nostalgic Tea House ‘Peony Garden’

Nostalgic tea house Peony Garden opened today at Hong Kong’s new Chinese cultural hub reviving all-time favourite comfort foods in tribute to the city’s culinary heritage. Quintessential comfort food classics – from tea house favourites to hawker street-food snacks – are on the menu at the new dining destination in Xiqu Centre in West Kowloon Cultural District. Beloved traditional favourites are rejuvenated with a new lease of life by ever-expanding hospitality group Bird Kingdom Group at the exquisite 3,000 sq ft, venue in an ‘open garden’ interior design setting. “Peony Garden revives our favourite comfort food specialties in a unique tea-house paying tribute to Hong Kong’s culinary culture,” says Eric Ting, Founder and CEO of Bird Kingdom Group, which has pioneered Lai Chi Kok dining destination D2 Place. “Food is an integral part of Hong Kong culture and the theme perfectly complements Xiqu Centre – extending the visitor’s cultural experience beyond arts and opera to dining.”

Peony Garden’s nostalgic menu ranges from Hong Kong street-style cart noodles to popular Malaysian-style curry, braised Chaozhou specialties and Cantonese roast meat favourites like barbecue pork, roast goose, soy flavoured chicken and crispy pork belly. Helming the traditional cuisine are seasoned Chef Chan Wai-Teng, Executive Chef of Bird Kingdom Group’s flagship fine Cantonese dining room Man Hing at Greater China Club, and Chaozhou Masterchef Chen Ze-Jia.

His specialty sauce is made from an elixir of Chinese herbs such as cinnamon, ChaunJiao, star anise and fresh garlic and galangal from Chaozhou, and premium soy sauce from JieYang to bring the best traditional Chaozhou flavours to guests.

Savoury Hong Kong-style street snacks served for tea time from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. are showcased with Signature Deep-Fried Chicken Thigh (HK$38), Deep-fried Shredded Radish Cake (HK$15), Deep-Fried Fish Ball in Traditional Way (HK$20), Pan-Fried Minced Fish with Eggplant, Bell Pepper, Bean Curd, Red Sausage, Fish Ball (HK$38), and beloved Fake Shark’s Fin Soup (HK$28). Completing the traditional tea house dining culture, Peony Garden presents local-style drinks such as Milk Tea (HK$19/Hot; HK$21/Cold), Cocoa (HK$22/Hot; HK$24/Cold), Hot Water with Fresh Egg (HK$22) and Red Bean Ice (HK$25). Paying tribute to Chinese opera culture, Peony Garden, or ‘You Yuan Cha Ji’ in Chinese, is named after The Peony Pavilion, a masterpiece of Chinese literature and kunqu by famous playwright Tang Xian-zu (1550-1616). Tang Xian-zu, also known as the Shakespeare of the East, wrote four drama masterpieces. Other than The Peony Pavilion, there is also A Pair of Purple Hairpins, A Dream Under the Southern Bough and The Tale of Handan. These three classic dramas use the word “ji” or “chapter” at the end of the Chinese name.

The Chinese character inscription of “Peony Garden” is additionally noteworthy – by renowned Hong Kong based calligrapher Fung Siu-wah, known as Wah-Gor, who inscribed for classic Hong Kong movies such as “Ghost Story” and “God of Cookery”.  Oriental-style artwork also mirrors the theme, illustrating various forms of peonies, and is a work of art in its own right by British graffiti pop-artist Szabotage, who has exhibited internationally and throughout Asia. With a spectacular view overlooking Victoria Harbour and indoor seating for 100 and 40 outdoor, Peony Garden is the perfect location for private events and parties. Peony Garden is located at Unit 2-3, G/F, Xiqu Centre, 88 Austin Road West, West Kowloon Cultural District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Open daily from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Payment is accepted by cash, Octopus, credit cards (Visa & Mastercard), Alipay and WeChat Pay.

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