One Harbour Road, delectable seafood promotion

Executive Chef Li Shu Tim is proud to present a selection of authentic Cantonese seafood dishes at One Harbour Road from 20 September until end of October.

A wide range of quality seafood will perfectly accompany Chef Tim’s traditional Cantonese cuisine, which will feature some of the chef’s favourite penicks, including:

Steamed fresh crab with ginger in aged “Fa-Du” rice wine
Chef Tim selects fresh flower crabs from the market for their sweetness and soft texture.  To prevent overcooking the crab, egg whites are steamed separately with diced ginger, premium fadu rice wine and crab sauce from the steamed crab, enriching the egg whites with complex flavours.

Wok-fried fresh tiger prawns with salted duck egg yolk
This is a simple and traditional Cantonese dish.  High-quality tiger prawns known for their succulent taste and tender texture are caught fresh from the Sabah area.  After being fried in a wok, the prawns are dipped into a scrumptious aromatic sauce made from mashed pumpkin, butter, salt and salted duck egg yolk to create a crispy and buttery skin.

Simmered Philippine clams and vermicelli, hot chilli wine sauce
The preparation of this dish is the best way to taste the luscious and meaty Philippine clams.  Chef Tim uses shredded chilli and Chinese rice wine to quickly stir fry the clams.  To give a little kick to the dish, vermicelli is added at the end to absorb all the sweet and chilli flavours.

Opening hours:
Lunch: 12:00 PM to 2:30 PM (Sunday 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM)
Dinner: 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

Phone: 2584 7722

Address:              7th and 8th floors, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Wanchai