One Harbour Road Offers New Dim Sum

The man behind One Harbour Road’s delicious dim sum is the highly talented Sous Chef, Lau Cho Keung. From September onwards, Lau who began his career as a dim sum apprentice many years ago, has created an exciting array of uniquely flavoured and visually beautiful dim sum.

image009To complement Lau’s creations, One Harbour Road has specially ordered a batch of bone china steamer baskets to replace those made from bamboo.  In this break with tradition, during the steaming process, bone china will not impact flavours and aromas and instead allow the mouthwatering dim sum filling ingredients to shine through.

Steamed Garoupa Dumplings, Green Pea Seeds, Baby Corns and Carrots - Precious Leopard Coral Garoupa is combined with colourful and healthy green pea seeds, baby corn and carrots, as well as fried minced ginger to give these dumplings a little kick.

Steamed Minced Pork Dumplings, Dried Halibut and Kale-Inspired by a popular dish at One Harbour Road, these dumplings are filled with kale, crispy dried halibut and tender minced Berkshire pork for an interesting rich texture.  Precious saffron is used to give the dumplings’ delicate skin an appetizing natural yellow hue.

Steamed Shrimp and Herring Roe Dumplings – Covered with a layer of translucent herring roe marinated in sake, these dumplings are filled with tantalizing shrimp paste.  Crab roe within the wrapper gives the dumplings a light orange colour and enhances their texture.

Deep-fried Minced Pigeon Paper Rolls with Morel Mushrooms and Asparagus – These crunchy rolls consist of fragrant Yunnan morel mushrooms mixed with minced pigeon. Asparagus is added to balance this delicate combination.

The new dim sum menu also includes Pan-fried Lamb Pies with Leeks and Coriander, Steamed Bird’s Nest and Shrimp Dumplings with Matsutake Mushrooms, Baked Turnip with Minced Pork and Pepper in Puff Pastry and Pan-fried Rice Flour Rolls with Kurobuta Pork, Black Truffles and Onions.  These items will be served at One Harbour Road on a rotational basis.

Opening hours:
Lunch – Monday to Saturday from 12noon to 2:30pm, Sunday from 11:30am
Dinner – 6:30pm to 10:30pm every evening
Address: 7-8 floors, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong
Phone reservations: 2584 7722
Online reservations: