Organic, Locally Grown Seasonal Melons & Veggies at Man Ho Chinese Restaurant



Since the refurbishment of Man Ho Chinese Restaurant in 2019, Jayson Tang, Executive Chinese Chef of JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, has been making great efforts to pursue one of his core food philosophies: to discover and promote locally grown produce and reduce carbon footprint of food offerings for the sake of environmental sustainability. As a matter of fact, not only are these freshly harvested, farm-to-table natural local ingredients beneficial to the environment, but also they are good for health as the seasonal produce is harvested closer to their peak ripeness and transported shorter distances that are undoubtedly fresher and more nutritious. With summer in full effect, Chef Jayson has thoughtfully created an array of refreshing summery dishes featuring his picks of organic melons and vegetables in season, inviting discerning diners to savour the original, naturally pleasing flavours of these local produce, prepared with his innovative, top-notch cooking techniques.

If diners do not like watercress solely because of its tough, woody stems, Chef Jayson would certainly make a change in their perception of watercress with poached dried bean curd with hydroponic watercress in fish stock. This hydroponic watercress, cultivated in a clean, sterile sealed grow room with no addition of pesticides and harvested on the 21st day after sowing, is safe to eat raw and very delicate in every mouthful. Chef Jayson serves this delicate veggie in a naturally sweet and savoury fish soup made with mud carp, crucian carp and garoupa fish bones, topping it with dried bean curds that thoroughly soak in the milky white fish stock infused with fresh watercress flavour.

If the bitter melons also sound too bitter and unappealing, poached local bitter melon skin with gingko and conpoy in rice stock will be a big surprise, as the best taste and texture of bitter melons are uncovered! Chef Jayson deliberately uses the skin of organic local bitter melons only so that diners can discover and indulge in its naturally sweet taste. He firstly shaves the skin into paper-thin slices, poaches them to perfection, then serves these translucent skin strips in a silky-smooth rice stock infused with the savoury taste of conpoy. What’s more, Chef Jayson also highlights another variety of bitter melons that is worth tasting – Okinawa-breed bitter melons. He specially sources the locally grown organic ones and presents them in a traditional homey Cantonese dish, Sautéed sliced local beef with Okinawa breed bitter melon in black bean sauce. Complemented with tender local beef tenderloin and a well-seasoned black bean sauce, this dish is a perfect concoction of flavours with the sweet taste of bitter melons taking centre stage.

Winter melon is undeniably one of the popular summer melons, the exquisite braised winter melon stuffed with Alaskan crab meat, scallop, lotus seed and bamboo pith in chicken stockwill certainly help diners revive appetite amidst the hot summer. Topped with crispy deep-fried conpoy, the aesthetically shaped local organic winter melon fully absorbs the tantalising seafood flavours as well as the rich chicken stock blended with mashed winter melon, delivering a soothing, rejuvenating taste of summer.

When talking about quintessential summer vegetables, Telosma Cordata, commonly known as “night fragrant flower” in Chinese, is definitely one of them that should not be missed. Diners will be spoiled with the delicate taste and texture of hand-processed night fragrant flowers in Sautéed prawns with local egg and telosma cordata, alongside fresh, hormone-free local eggs and succulent prawns. This dish is probably the most aromatic summer delicacy that diners may have ever tried!

The above a la carte dishes will be available until 31 August 2021.  The price, ingredients and menu items are subject to change based on seasonality and availability.

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