16 Sep 2022 By May Ng

Paella Week at La Paloma: A Celebration of Spanish Cuisine

Known for its vibrant cuisine and culture, Spain is one of the world’s gastronomic capitals. Although relatively small, Spain is home to an incredible variety of cultural and culinary traditions, showcasing anything from light tapas and excellent wines to heartier regional dishes. One of the most prominent dishes from the Iberian Peninsula is Paella, an exquisite rice dish originating from the port city of Valencia, which has since become popular not only around the country but also in kitchens worldwide. The dish is rumoured to have been first developed by Moorish kings during the 10th century, as rice cultivation became customary to Spanish culture. Food historians note that the dish symbolises the union and heritage of two important cultures that shaped Spanish culture and cuisine, Romans and Arabs.

In celebration of this iconic dish, La Paloma will be participating in this year’s Spanish Paella Week, which takes place from 14 to 25 September. Prepare yourself for a feast of authentic flavours as Chef Alex Fargas dishes out two new varieties of paella inspired by the different regional flavours of Spain, exclusively available from 14 September to 31 October.

A native of Barcelona, Chef-owner Alex Fargas aims to bring the flavours of his home country to Hong Kong’s vibrant F&B scene. He focuses on sourcing high quality ingredients from Spain to bring out the most authentic flavours in every dish, and ignite a new passion for Spanish cuisine among Hong Kong’s curious foodies. He stays true to the essence of each dish through his choice of ingredients and traditional cooking methods, which he demonstrates in his two special-edition paellas.

Embark on a journey of Spain’s finest flavours with the limited edition Traditional Valencia Paella (HK$328) and the Arròs a Banda (HK$398), each of which showcase the diversity of Spain’s regional flavours. The Traditional Valencia Paella features a unique medley of ingredients including rabbit, chicken, snails, artichokes, green beans, and garrofo, showcasing the best of Spain’s agricultural heritage in a dish that was historically served to farmers and farm labourers. Earthy in flavour with a hint of spice from paprika and saffron, this hearty interpretation of the original paella is sure to satisfy the palate while providing diners with an authentic paella experience that cannot be found elsewhere in Hong Kong.

Typical of the coastal city of Alicante, Arròs a Banda is a traditional rice dish which originates from fishermen who sold off their best fish and kept the leftovers for stock, which is used to cook the rice. La Paloma serves this flavourful dish with toppings of turbot fish and Spanish prawns for a refined interpretation that still retains the essential flavours.

Reserve your seats through La Paloma’s booking website in order to have an authentic taste of two regions of Spain, hosted in a vibrant Spanish neighbourhood tapas bar setting.