16 Feb 2024 By May Ng

Pamper Yourself 10 Reasons to Love Almond Shower Oil

Encapsulating 10 types of skin pampering in one bottle, here’s 10 reasons to make you want to try L’Occitane’s signature Almond Shower Oil! The irresistible charm comes from the finest almonds from Provence, France condensed into a luxurious skin nourishing power.

With a golden texture-like elegance, the noble shower oil transforms into dense lather upon contact with water, nourishing and moisturizing every inch of skin. The fresh and elegant fragrance lingers, immersing you in your own private space, elevating an ordinary shower into a spa-like sensory enjoyment. Pamper your skin with almonds, making every day the most anticipated moment.

Pamper yourself, and not stingy towards the earth. The eco-friendly refill pouch of the Almond Shower Oil uses 100% recycled plastic packaging, allowing up to 78% savings in packaging material. Supporting products made with recycled plastics is the driving force behind promoting development in environmental protection and recycling industries.