25 Jan 2024 By May Ng

Paul Lafayet Unveils Exquisite Chinese New Year Collection for the Year of the Dragon

Savour Prosperity and Good Fortune with a Limited Edition Gift Box and Lucky Bag

With the anticipation of the Year of the Dragon, Paul Lafayet is thrilled to present an extraordinary selection of Chinese New Year offerings that will spark laughter and bring joy to your taste buds. This year, Paul Lafayet joins forces once again with the talented French illustrator Emilie Sarnel to create an enchanting and playful experience for customers. The collection boasts an array of new and signature products, including the highly anticipated Scarlet Dragon Gift Box 2024, the Limited Edition Lucky Bag, the Double TART Gift Set, the Double Tea Gift Set, and beloved Artisanal Handmade Cookies.

Scarlet Dragon Gift Box 2024 (Limited Edition)

The exclusive Scarlet Dragon Gift Box ($698) beautifully combines traditional elements with a touch of whimsy, bringing a dimension of fun and amusement to the holiday. The Scarlet Dragon is inviting and engaging.  Brought to life by Emilie Sarnel’s artistic prowess, it cradles a selection of festive treats to enhance your celebration. Delight in artisanal handmade cookies, white chocolate-covered freeze-dried strawberries in yoghurt and strawberry flavours, dark chocolate caramel almonds, and premium loose-leaf teas, all lovingly chosen to create the festive mood!

As a special touch, the gift box also includes a fine bone China dish, a collector’s edition ceramic dish adorned with the dragon motif, serving as a timeless keepsake. Additionally, enjoy a pack of 8 red pockets to bring good luck and blessings to the festive season.

Lucky Bag 2024 (Limited Edition): A Bag of Serendipity

Embrace the excitement of discovering what the Lunar New Year holds in store for you with the Limited Edition Lucky Bag ($138). Each red velvet pouch is filled with little treats and a voucher that will decide your fine French pastry future! Whether it’s a gift for loved ones or a special indulgence for yourself, this limited-edition bag is a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

Double TART Gift Set: A Perfect Duo

Though the Dragon is said to have nine offspring, Paul Lafayet’s signature Crème Brûlée has two: the Crème Brûlée TART and its sibling, the Tiramisu TART.  You can try them both in The Double TART Gift Set ($456).  The Crème Brûlée TART is the take-me-away version of the beloved Crème Brûlée, whose flavour and texture inspired the conversion of another gourmet classic, the Tiramisu. With their extended shelf life, these tarts make the perfect gift and convenient dessert experience.

Double Tea Gift Set and Artisanal Handmade Cookies

Drift away on a luxurious ocean of flavour with the Double Tea Gift Set ($236), offering a selection of meticulously crafted tea blends perfect for celebrating the Lunar New Year. Choose from three enticing combinations: Jasmine Green & Detox, Earl Grey & Chamomile, or English Breakfast & Mint. Each set promises a unique and invigorating tea experience, symbolizing new beginnings and prosperity. To enhance your Lunar New Year celebrations, savour the perfect pairing of these teas with Paul Lafayet’s Artisanal Handmade Cookies ($178 – $318) . The combination of tea and cookies promises a heartfelt and auspicious indulgence for your taste buds during this festive season.

From now till February 2, Paul Lafayet’s customers can enjoy Early Bird and Member Discounts on the Scarlet Dragon Gift Box. For more information on member exclusives and to explore the full range of festive offerings, visit http://www.paullafayet.com/.

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Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Paul Lafayet and immerse yourself in the finest flavours and artistry of Chinese New Year!