Philips latest Air Purifier Series 4500i Stunning Blend of Style & Functionality for Your Home

Philips Latest Air Purifier Series 4500i Filters Up to 99% Formaldehyde^
Stunning Blend of Style & Functionality for Your Home

Many people think air pollution only exists outdoor and underrate the problems of indoor contamination. However, harmful air pollutant content in indoor environment can be higher than that in the outdoor. Especially formaldehyde, which is colorless and odorless, can release up to 15 years and leads to many serious diseases. What you need is Philips latest Air Purifier Series 4500i. It does not only look trendy, but is also equipped with the newest function to quickly capture and filter 99% formaldehyde^ and 99.97% ultrafine harmful substances as small as PM0.003* (800 times smaller than PM2.5 particles). Meanwhile, it delivers an excellent functionality by instantly detecting indoor air quality indices and cleaning a room of 200sq. ft. within 8 minutes! Being classy and modish while able to rapidly remove formaldehyde makes Philips 4500i a must-have air purifier for a modern family.

VitaShield IPS Technology + Powerful Filter
Remove All Formaldehyde & PM0.003 Harmful Substances

Make Your Home Smart     
Control Your Home’s Air Quality with a Touch of Button
It is understandable if you don’t want to waste the effort to reach the air purifier, but only integrate yourself with the sofa when staying at home. Therefore, the smart Philips Air Purifier Series 4500i is designed to connect with Clean Home+, an app to mobile control the machine, get real-time information about both indoor and outdoor air quality, and obtain useful advice of how to improve air quality to reduce the chance of contacting pollutants and allergens.

Philips Air Purifier Series 4500i AC4558/31
Inquiries: Philips Customer Service Centre 2619 9663
Retailers: Available at major department stores and electric appliance shops
Suggested retail price: HK$4,988