9 Mar 2024 By May Ng

PHO BAY presents Vietnam’s culinary symphony of piquant flavours at Discovery Bay Plaza

Vietnam’s culinary symphony of delightfully textured, bright and piquant flavours is now served with the opening of PHO BAY in Discovery Bay Plaza.

PHO BAY Vietnamese Restaurant & Bar welcomes guests to a bamboo-accented dining room with ocean-view deck for al fresco dining that beautifully complements one Asia’s subtlest and healthiest cuisines.

Chef Chaliang Phaenthong, a 30-year veteran of Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in Hong Kong, presents a menu laden with light, fresh regional seafood specialties of the Vietnam coast.

Authentically balancing traditional sweet, sour, salty and hot elements, the extraordinary culinary adventure also features quintessential Vietnamese favourites evolved from a unique heritage of both Southeast Asian and French colonial influences.


Named after Vietnam’s national dish, PHO BAY unsurprisingly headlines world-famous pho specialties of flat rice noodles and thin sliced US beef or combination beef (HK$95-118) in a hearty beef stock, dressed with onions and a bouquet of fresh herbs such as cilantros and scallions.

Chef Chaliang’s secret recipe lies in the broth, lovingly nurtured and infused with the fragrance of star anise, clove and cinnamon to lend a natural sweetness.

Also ubiquitous to the national cuisine are banh mi (HK$128), action-packed baguettes adopted from the French colonial era stuffed with pork liver pate, grilled pork, grilled beef or roasted chicken with pickled vegetables and fresh herbs.

Refreshing and light goi cuon spring rolls (HK$88) are another signature; with a semi-transparent skin of rice paper stuffed with taro, mushrooms, vermicelli, and mixed vegetables, for dipping to refreshing perfection in fish sauce!