1 Aug 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

PortsPURE 2021 Fall/Winter Collection

Diversified Fantasies of “PURE TALENTS”

PortsPURE builds its Fall/Winter 2021 Collection on the concept of “Anniversary” , taking the creativity from 8 “PURE TALENTS” as the inspiration. Through their art works and unique styles to reinterpret some of the classic pieces, the collection expresses diverse personalities and free minds of young people today.

In the new collection, hydrangea prints take inspiration from founder of impressionist painting – Claude Monet, creating a rosy dream of colors and shades. The white spaces among the prints mimic the canvas layout and complement each other perfectly. The collection takes you to an oil painting of a secret garden to explore the kaleidoscopic contrast of light and color. The textured effect of pens and oil paints printed on the romantic skirts and shirts project contemporary artistic aesthetics to classical oil painting.

Inspired by the quintessential French romance of Amélie, heroine of renowned movie Amélie, the designer recreates the classic French polka dots with irregular dotted buttons, showing spirits of the women today – the pursuit of freedom, the resolution to break the boundaries and the bold expression of unique personality and attitude.

The lip prints in the Fall/Winter 2021 Collection are a brainchild of American master photographer Man Ray’s Surrealist work Lover. Combining different cultural elements to endue fashion with artistic value, the red lips invite you to celebrate love and romance.

Paying tribute to the magnificence of famous Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi, the designer puts the mosaic patchwork, an iconic design element, on buttons and other elements, integrating an architectural style with the art of fashion.

Inspired by the work of French photographer Sarah Moon, the prints are presented through various forms of print, embroidery, etc. The photography style is perfectly interpreted by out-of-focus art, turning fashion into an art piece and an emotional voice – just like Sarah’s surreal and fantastical works, the collection captures the unique beauty of women.

Based on renowned American director Steven Spielberg’s Back to Future, the new collection celebrates the 60th anniversary of the PORTS group. The designer brilliantly takes time machine as the muse, taking us all back to 1961 when the brand was found. Travelling through time and going back to future, PortsPURE opens a new world for “PURE GIRL” with innovative vision.

One of French fashion designer Yves Saints Laurent’s most classic design elements. Cherry and Love Card constitute this season’s essential prints. reinterpreted through embroidery and intarsia; the designer also presents the unisex Safari Jacket in a more feminine form, representing the independent PURE GIRL.

Collage and color contrast come from the artwork of American contemporary artist Mark Bradford, conveying a sense of recycled and uncomplete, while the “PURE HEART” combines Christmas elements with hand gestures, calling on the “PURE GIRL” to convey love in a more direct way.

The PortsPURE 2021 Fall/ Winter Collection pays tribute to art genius, taking inspiration from 8 “PURE TALENTS” in the art world – the new collection showcases “PURE GIRL”’s independence, attitude, unique style and diversified creativity.

the new collection showcases “PURE GIRL”’s independence, attitude, unique style and diversified creativity.
the new collection showcases “PURE GIRL”’s independence, attitude, unique style and diversified creativity.