PortsPURE FW19 Collection

100% PURE

This season, PortsPURE explores the topic of consumerism. Expanding on the concept of environmental protection and sustainability, the collection features sustainable yarns, eco-furs and tongue-in-chic graphics that poke satirtical fun at how we consume.

The concept starts with fabrication. The adage of “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” is “Revisted” and more important than ever. Recyclable wool features prominently, taking this age-old warmth-giver on to an even greater sustainability level. Our Eco-fur feels just as lush and warm as the real thing – nothing feels sexier than being cruelty-free.

In terms of silhuoettes, PortsPURE stays true to its roots, taking masculine and feminine archetypes and turning them inside out in a play of contrasts and contradictions. Soft blouson shapes top structured work trousers, poplin shirting sleeves unexpectedly show up on casual crewneck jumpers and utilitarian quilting, long used as lining is brought front and center in a stunning two piece coat.

This season’s palette is strong and graphic, playing off the idea of how we consume in today’s day and age – the colors draw your eye just like a billboard or banner ad. “Fresh Squeezed Ideas” and “100% Pure”, strong slogans plastered in print or intarsia knits advertise subversively while strings of “Best Before” stickers playfully edge trouers, skirts and also sweaters.

To be human is to consume, make no bones about it but maybe, just maybe, we could do it with thought and intention. Conscious decisions made today, is a step towards a sustainable future.