PortsPURE FW20 Environmentally Friendly Collection



For the Fall/Winter season, PortsPURE moves into a bright future with a collection geared towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. A continuing theme with PortsPURE and its consciousness of the environmental cost of fashion, the new collection strives to create a new language for fashion that is both stylish, perfect for the cooling temperatures, full of character, yet also eco-friendly and sustainable.

The 2020 Fall Winter Collection brings together a combination of tops, accessories and pants, which all uniquely see the extensive use of environmentally-friendly materials in their design and manufacture – PortsPURE ‘s signature style forging forwards into bold new world of eco-friendly fabrics. A Woven Denim Top uses a unique process that combines viscose Ecovero worsted yarn – derived from trees using only sustainable production processes – with continuous twisted rayon warp yarn to produce a silky yet stylish drape-effect finished piece. A Knit Jersey is matched with the lightweight and flowing top, passing GRS certification to produce a streamlined, sleek, and seamlessly eco-friendly piece that uses 40% recycled polyester and recycled fiber.

Denim and woven pants appear in this collection, with the former emphasizing the elasticity on the weft of the twill-dyed fabric. Handsome and silhouetted, the wool-like, machine-washable material of the pants are made of a special polyester fiber that has been treated to give the daringly new interpretation of traditional punk tartan full elasticity and wrinkle resistance. In a similar twist, the woven pants are the culmination of a sustainable development concept, composed mostly of TENCEL yarn and characterized by the material’s signature softness and natural luster. Ideal for sensitive skin, the woven pants bring supreme comfort without any expense to the environment, their contemporary look and sophisticated finish a signature of PortsPURE ‘s creative mastery.

The accessories of the 2020 Fall Winter Collection see new innovation towards environmentally friendly design codes, with a bag utilizing a new fiber interwoven non-lint anti-velvet fabric which achieves excellent breathability and lightness. With an exceptional eye towards its ethos of environmental sustainability, PortsPURE also emphasizes the use of recyclable raw materials, creating a chic new cap whose softness, thermal insulation and lightness belies its recycled origins – a testament to the dedication and achievement of PortsPURE’s craftsman and designers.

In the new 2020 Fall Winter Collection, PortsPURE demonstrates its keen understanding of sustainable fashion and puts its ideals into exquisite practice. Through incredible innovation and its signature contemporary flair, PortsPURE continues its quest to safeguard the precious beauty of the earth; to reduce the burden of human consumption on the planet; and to create a new story for modern fashion that is truly sustainable, and for all.

PortsPURE 2020秋冬系列著眼於可持續發展以及對環境的責任,這也是品牌一直以來的理念,以及對時尚環境成本的意識覺醒。品牌藉着此全新系列致力於為時尚創立新定義,在保持PortsPURE的獨有設計個性的同時,也確保生態環境可持續發展。



牛仔布和梭織長褲絕對是日常必備的穿搭。前者強調斜紋織布的彈性,具羊毛手感的牛仔布採用特殊的聚酯纖維製成,配搭棉纖維使衣物富有彈力和抗皺性。而梭織長褲則是可持續發展概念的最佳代表作,由TENCEL紗線物料製作,極具柔軟度及自然光澤感。同時,品牌也採用EcoVero® Viscose by Lenzing的環保纖維,褲子光滑的棉質與普通合成纖維的粗糙及化學成份相比下,更適合敏感性皮膚,猶如融入人體般舒適,帶來與別不同的穿著體驗。由此可見PortsPURE由生產過程到挑選物料,均展現出品牌對可持續發展時尚的決心。