Powercell Skinmunity Youth Reinforcing Serum



Early 2020, Helena Rubinstein renovated its iconic Powercell Skinmunity Youth Reinforcing Serum with a streamlined and more concentrated formula. Agreed by Asian urban women, it improves the skin quality (pores and roughness are visibly improved) and reinforces youth signs (firmness and healthy radiance), for a stronger youthful skin.

In line with this renovation, Helena Rubinstein also introduces a new skincare booster – the Deep Regenerating Essence a youth-infusing water with visible native vegetal cells extract. Boasting asuper-moist formula, the essence is the first step in this advanced skincare routine.

With visible native vegetal cell extract

The Deep Regenerating Essence expands the Powercell Skinmunity range with a formula for a regenerative power boost. Thanks to a developed biotech process that can produce native vegetal cells from a single plant fragment, this youth-infusing water is more concentrated in Samphire native vegetal cell extract than the previous formula which the cells are visible to the naked eye through the walls of the green bottle.

The Essence should be applied morning and evening, before the Youth Reinforcing Serum, as the first step in the skincare routine to moisturize and infuse youthful power to your skin. Thanks to its super-moist formula with no added of alcohol#, the Deep Regenerating Essence offers a sensory experience. Its fresh and ultra-dewy texture and awakens skin with a intense hydrating sensation, leaving it feeling refreshed.