4 Jan 2024 By May Ng

Proudly presenting the Chloé Year of the Dragon Collection, blossoming with the elegant magnolia symbolizing the empowerment of women.

In 2024, the Year of the Golden Dragon is approaching, and Chloé’s Dragon Year Collection is grandly launched. The inspiration for this collection comes from the magnolia, a symbol of female empowerment. Both magnolias and dragons are regarded as symbols of life. The language of magnolia flowers is life and purity, representing the arrival of spring and the burst of vitality. Dragons symbolize power and vitality. The connection between the two echoes the cyclical nature of the natural world and the perpetual renewal of life. The Chloé Dragon Year Collection, through exquisite craftsmanship and the combination of classic elements, radiates a poetic sense of spring.

In the clothing collection, the brand presents knitwear and denim sets made from low-impact environmental materials. Embroidery and laser printing techniques are used to cleverly depict the vibrant vitality of magnolia flowers on clothing fabrics. The use of low-saturation color palettes adds a leisurely and comfortable warmth to everyday wear. The recommended hoodie, featuring the brand’s classic English embroidery depicting magnolia imagery, is made from organically regenerated low-impact cotton, perfectly contouring the high-waisted silhouette and injecting softness and comfort into the overall style.

In the accessories department, the continually popular Woody small handbag is adorned with a magnolia charm, while the classic Woody handbag is embellished with magnolia leather patches, showcasing exquisite texture and adding a colorful and playful touch to the ensemble. The Woody handbag is made from fair trade paper, handwoven by independent artisans in Kenya, highlighting the essence of spring. The Chloé magnolia leather handmade charm is crafted with embossed petals, leather cord decorations, and a bright golden brass C-shaped accessory, creating a magnolia relief design. It can be paired with handbags or worn on a belt, presenting a subtly elegant taste.

Additionally, the accessory collection includes scarves, hats, necklaces, and more. The magnolia flower earrings feature gradient pink enamel with freshwater pearl accents, while the necklace uses brass chains adorned with magnolia flowers, semi-precious stones, pearls, and a “C” shaped pendant. Baseball caps and fisherman hats are made of cotton with embroidered magnolia details, showcasing a simple yet fashionable style. Scarves are themed with floral prints, cleverly featuring large magnolia flowers in the center, while fine silk scarves create a striking contrast with a double-sided magnolia pattern. This rich and colorful collection is undoubtedly an ideal choice for gifting or welcoming the Lunar New Year.

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