22 Dec 2022 By May Ng

Qeelin Bo Bo embarks on a joyous journey Discover the wonders of the world with Bo Bo

The bells are jingling, and the air is full of joy as Christmas approaches – and Qeelin’s adorable Bo Bo charms have become globetrotters, travelling the world to redefine the beauty of dazzling jewellery this festive season. Come and join Qeelin to enjoy a holiday brimming with fun and energy.

Drawing inspiration from the famed Song dynasty handscroll Along the River During the Qingming Festival that depicted the vivacious lifestyle of the people during the festival, Qeelin proudly presents Qeelin Bo Bo Christmas Adventure – a chinoiserie art piece that portrays Bo Bo’s whimsical adventures around the world during the holidays.

On this incredible journey, Bo Bo graces the catwalk to interpret millennium Y2K trends at Shanghai Fashion Week; indulges in bubble tea in the sky over Taipei; combats sumo wrestlers in Tokyo using Shaolin Kung Fu; DJs for a snowman party under a starry Hollywood sky, and much more! Get on a magical Christmas Rhapsody with Bo Bo’s festive sojourns.

Qeelin fine jewellery has always been a fusion of creativity and heritage, craftsmanship and design. Just like the map indicates, the brand is now growing its international presence –from Hong Kong to Paris, Sydney to Tokyo – is by opening more beautiful boutiques to give customers a firsthand encounter with its uniquely artistic jewellery creations.