The First Athelegant Footwear
Spring/Summer 2019


Alluring, artistic always, and more audacious than ever before.


R · SANDERSON London proudly presents ALKE – a momentous collection of athletic-inspired, customisable, sleek and elegant point-toe flats and heels, each made by hand in the Apennine Mountains using traditional Italian shoemaking techniques and century-old know-how.


A new, unique interpretation of the ubiquitous fashion trainer, ALKE articulates its athletic design through a multitude of distinctive elements: a bold and fluid design line, white rubber inserts, cushioned in-soles, the synthesis of multiple materials from suede, patent, calf, nappa to plexi, perforation detailing, juxtaposed with the precious and instantly recognisable R. Sanderson London 24-carat gold leaf heel.


Inspired by the spirit and personification of courage and battle-strength, from Greek mythology, amplified by the slogans “Be Brave”, “Trust Yourself” and “Believe in Extraordinary”, ALKE is the consummation of fusing bravery, empowerment and individuality. Presented with a range of customisable accessories such as metal tags, detachable gaters with optional hand-painted initials, and interchangeable laces that can also be styled in limitless ways to reflect one’s unique flair and character.


From day to night, seven days a week, all activities of work and play, ALKE is a genuine alternative to the regular fashion trainer, providing style and comfort every step of the way. It harmoniously compliments any outfit, exuding the spirit of freedom and vivacious energy, and the unmistakable elegance of R. Sanderson London.


In the continual pursuit of challenging the conventions of luxury footwear, R. Sanderson London has pushed the limits of what was once considered impossible by its shoemakers in Bologna, Italy. Demanding more than a year of dedicated research and development, numerous failed attempts, nothing comparable has ever been put forward in the world of shoemaking; ALKE is a true “game changer”, pioneering and disruptive.


  1. Sanderson London ALKE is an extension of the brand’s aesthetic of grace and sophistication, whilst remaining true to its core DNA of audacious ingenuity, bringing a much-needed breath of fresh air to the industry with innovative form and function.


The ALKE collection is available exclusively at R. Sanderson London boutiques.