2 Jan 2023 By May Ng

RAKxa Wellness in Bangkok Unveils CBD Therapy for Deep Sleep and Radiant Skin

A good night’s sleep can be hugely beneficial to one’s health and well-being, including the prevention of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. High quality sleep can even do wonders for achieving radiant skin and a positive mood, and one of the most impactful benefits remains its effect on your overall stress levels. However, many people continue to struggle with interrupted sleep, with underlying conditions and unhealthy habits being possible contributions.

An increasingly popular alternative therapy for a range of conditions, cannabidiol (CBD) oil has been positively reported to greatly help reduce pain, anxiety and sleep disorders. RAKxa Wellness & Medical Retreat in Bangkok has developed its latest Thai Deep Sleep & Skin Radiant Therapy, integrating the ancient wisdom of Suriyachon and Cannabidiol (CBD) oils, blending seamlessly with coconut oil, to the rhythm of signature authentic Thai massage and traditional potent Thai herbs.

Thai Deep Sleep & Skin Radiant Therapy is designed to unlock the fullest relaxation, by creating a fantastic flow of blood circulation for the whole body, through a holistic tension-relieving treatments of a pre-herbal bath with traditional pungent Thai herbs and herbal compress therapy, with a powerful blend of Suriyachon and CBD oil that kneads tension, loosens knots and alleviates stress.

Soak in a soothing bath of climber and Cannabis herbs, with natural skin exfoliation by way of grated coconut. Immerse in signal point massage and a compress of potent herbs, discovering inner radiance swathed in a luminous glow that shines through. The power of CBD oil unlocks the serenity of mind and body, enveloping your sleep in a lullaby of calm throughout the night, and most noticeably after the treatment.

Additional benefits include radiant skin, which will be visible in a healthy glow and after the total body blood circulation achieved from the coconut copra and oil that exfoliate and smoothen the skin, with an incredible scent to soften the mind.

A fully integrated wellness & health retreat, RAKxa is located on the idyllic island of Bang Krachao across Bangkok on the Chao Phraya River, combining technology and tradition to unlock measurable results, continuously updating its suite of all-encompassing health and wellness treatments that cover all dimensions of the self: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. With a diverse team of experts with medical and wellness expertise, the RAKxa healing experience begins with an intimate knowledge of the self, starting from a comprehensive personal assessment using detailed diagnostics and a dedicated advisor who will design a plan striving towards one’s unique health goals, paving way for a journey that leads to wellbeing as a way of life.

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