22 Dec 2023 By May Ng

Ralph Lauren Kicked off the Holiday Season with an Exclusive Yacht Party

Taking Guests on A Remarkably Festive Journey Along Hong Kong’s Iconic Victoria Harbour

Ralph Lauren welcomed the holiday season with an exclusive yacht party on December 7th during which guests were invited to enjoy a remarkably #RLHoliday experience featuring festive live music, customized holiday cocktails and delectable catering on board against the beautiful backdrop of the Victoria Harbour.  A special live performance by leading pop singers Jay Fung and Phil Lamwho serenaded guests with a selection of heart-warming tunes. Other top VIPS in attendance included award-winning actor & actressTerrance Lau and Cecilia Choi, renowned actresses and sister duo Jennifer Yu and Zoe Yu along with key fashion influencers and tastemakers such as celebrity couple Sarah Song & Jason Chan, celebrity stylist Faye Tsui, fashion photographer Olivia Tsang, and fashion influencers Noel Li & Travis Li.