10 May 2022 By May Ng

RARE AS NFT by NBA All-Star LaMelo Ball

Connecting fans, NFT enthusiasts in Metaverse

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NBA Charlotte Hornets player LaMelo Ball is ready to meet fans and other NFT enthusiasts in the metaverse through his very own NFT project RARE AS by LaMelo Ball – set to launch in May! A project designed to form an extraordinary community, RARE AS will connect the All-Star player with fans and others in the RARE AS Metaverse as a team, showering them with countless exclusive rewards. Are you ready to catch these alley-oops? 

Inspired by Ball’s zodiac sign Leo, the RARE AS NFT project features a series of 3D built artistic lions with streetwear and accessories that simply resemble LaMelo Ball. 10,000 NFTs are minted, for sale starting in May.

Ball believes that an NFT project’s success lies in the effectiveness of related products and events in assembling individuals with common interests. As such, the goal of RARE AS is for LaMelo Ball and fans to embark on a journey in the metaverse as a team, connect them and other NFT enthusiasts around the world, and create a cohesive platform for metaverse dwellers to exchange insights. Not only do holders of the RARE AS NFT own the avatar, but they also get chance to receive exclusive rewards – LaMelo Ball figurines, autographed jerseys and basketball shoes – to name but a few. The NFT project will also COL-LAB with phone case brand ONLLY CASE to “Tailor-mint” your NFT phone case!

In addition to creating a LaMelo Ball community, RARE AS introduces RARE AS: THE ARENA – a basketball GameFi platform for the public and NFT holders to join a multi-player Streetball game. Upon accomplishing a task or winning a game, NFT holders will earn game tokens that enable them to trade or unlock gear, gifts, and other items. According to the developer, THE ARENA will soon be open to other metaverse avatars. Ever dreamt of playing a basketball game with Bored Ape from BAYC or Azuki characters? RARE AS: THE ARENA will make your dream come true!

There are countless NFT projects in recent years, with several hundred launches every month. Trades on Opensea have even plummeted by 50% in Q1 this year, triggering worries about the prospects for the NFT industry. Despite that, LaMelo Ball’s project crew views it as an opportunity to turn NFT as a speculative investment into a productive Web3 derivative. They are confident that the evolving market will reinforce the development of NFT and DeFi (Decentralized Finance). What a young, fine man with great acumen – both in a basketball court and in the investment market!

NFT Newbie-friendly

New to trading NFT and interested in RARE AS by LaMelo Ball? Fret not! There are specialists in the community who can help to set up your virtual wallet and educate you about DM frauds. Holders of RARE AS NFT automatically become members of the RARE AS private club in the metaverse. The NFT is also a member-specific game pass that grants access to customizable gear and multi-player basketball games, as well as numerous exclusive discounts, gifts, and RARE AS worldwide celebrations – a truly unmissable opportunity to meet LaMelo Ball in person! 

Website:           https://rareaslamelo.com

Twitter:             https://twitter.com/RareAs_LaMelo/

Discord:           https://discord.com/invite/nfnWArUHb8

Instagram:        https://www.instagram.com/rareas_lamelo/

Onllycase:       http://onllycase.com/