21 Apr 2022 By AWAY IN STYLE

Red Bull Red Edition Officially Launched! Bring Juicy Refreshment to Hong Kong

HONG KONG: As temperature climbs, everyone is starting to feel the Spring & Summer vibe and looking forward to all kinds of fun-filled outdoor activities. To embrace this Summer even more, Red Bull offers the same wiiings of Red Bull Energy drink with a delectable watermelon flavour, with the newly launched Red Bull Red Edition, a new member to the well-known Red Bull Energy Drink and Sugarfree Energy Drink, it will for sure give you an extra kick that you crave while quenching your thirst this Summer.

This new Red Edition, just like the other members of the portfolio is giving same wiiings that contains high quality ingredients such as the water from the Alps, together with a refreshing Watermelon flavour and complementing bubbles to brighten up your taste bud! The Red Bull Red Edition is now available across Hong Kong in 7-11, Circle K, Vango convenience stores, as well as selected outlets of U-Select, Wellcome and ParknShop supermarkets.

Eye-Pleasing Packaging with the Bright Red Matte-coloured Cans

To differentiate it from the classic blue and silver can, the Red Bull Red Edition comes in a new packaging. The dazzling bright red brings out the feeling of excitement and vitality while the matte design adds a hip textured with cool green font to bring out the contrast. There is no better way to cool off than to hold an icy cold can and chill under the sun.

Join Instagram Filter Game to Win a Limited-Edition Watermelon Ball Gift Set

Be the first to experience the freshness of the Red Bull Red Edition, from now on until 16th of May, consumers are invited to join the Instagram Filter Game – ‘Catch the Can‘ on Red Bull HK Instagram Channel. Through motion detection of the phone camera and collect as many items as possible in the game, if you collect the Red Bull Red Edition icon, it will get you 3x points! Upon completion of the game, share the game score to personal account in post or Instagram story tagging @Redbullhk, set account to public and fill out brief information to complete the registration. First 200 participants to share their posts and complete the registration will win a limited-edition Red Bull Red Edition gift set! It comes with a cushion that reminiscing the childhood favourite ‘watermelon ball’, two cans of the Red Edition Energy Drink. The half-shaped watermelon is also a stainless-steel bowl in disguise, consumers can use it as a fruit bowl after removing the interior to bring the most out of the gift set.

In addition, 5 participants with the highest scores in the Instagram filter game will enjoy a unique Red Edition experience! To receive more information about the new edition, you can also visit us on RedBull.hk/rededition.