1 Aug 2022 By May Ng

Regal Hotels Presents Mooncakes Giftboxes with 30% Off Early Bird Offer

Enjoy Up to 30% Off Early Bird Offer

In celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, Regal Hotels has delightfully transformed the love and blessings of family reunions into boxes of delectable mooncakes. Featuring two new flavours, Creamy Custard and Earl Grey Egg Custard, the Classic Collection and the Mini Custard Collection will surely gratify your tastebuds. Through the use of traditional craftsmanship and exclusive recipes, our seven mooncake gift sets are presented in exquisite lotus flower giftboxes which make the mooncake a perfect gift for friends, family and business counterparts. Delicately crafted by our culinary team, four choices of Premium Abalone Poon Choi are also on offer to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Enjoy up to 30% early bird discounts for purchases of Mooncakes from now till 9 August 2022. Guests can enjoy eShop exclusive offers (https://bit.ly/31VHAdJ) to receive a FREE Tasting Quartet (worth HK$ 198) for purchases over HK$ 1,000 or a FREE can of Braised 6-head Abalone in Supreme Oyster Sauce (worth HK$ 344) for purchases over HK$ 1,800.

The Mini Custard Collection

For those who prefer a new and more contemporary mooncake flavour, Regal Hotels highly recommends our freshly debuted Mini Egg Custard Mooncake Trio (6 pcs). This beautiful box consists of 2 Mini Egg Custard Mooncakes, 2 Mini Creamy Custard Mooncakes and 2 Mini Earl Grey Egg Custard Mooncakes. These dainty treats are filled with a rich and silky egg custard, which is made from French butter and only the top-quality ingredients, ensuring every bite is a perfect delight. Mini Creamy Custard is the irresistible new flavour with a silky and luscious lava egg custard baked inside soft buttery pastry, offering the gorgeous sensation of sweet velvety luxury. For the Mini Earl Grey Egg Custard Mooncake, the taste of creamy custard is elevated with fragment notes of tea. The distinct and refreshing Earl Grey scent is balanced perfectly by the rich egg yolk, adding a hint of freshness that will certainly linger within your heart. Deluxe Mini Creamy Custard Mooncake (6 pcs) and Deluxe Mini Egg Custard Mooncake (6 pcs) are also available for purchase.

The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is no doubt one of the best gifts for those who enjoy celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with traditional flavours. The Classic Mooncake Duo (4 pcs) includes 2 Golden Lotus Seed Paste Mooncakes with Double Egg Yolks and 2 Red Bean Paste Mooncakes with Mandarin Peel, applying traditional recipes for authentic flavours and decadent taste. The rich and silky golden lotus paste combined with the 2 egg yolks creates a balanced flavour that will undoubtably whet your palate, and the red bean paste makes a perfect sweet ending. The White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Double Egg Yolks (4 pcs) comes with two egg yolks and dense white lotus seed paste, which should not be missed. Deluxe Mooncake with Classic Tea Selection Gift Set (8 pcs) is glamorously presented in an elegantly designed giftbox which includes 8 traditional mooncakes and 4 packs of our Classic Tea Selection. The Limited Edition “Under the Moonlight” Mooncake (3 pcs) comes with a shining LED lantern and comprises of 3 traditional mooncakes and 4 packs of our Classic Tea Selection.

Guests can order the Regal Supreme Mooncakes from now till 9 September 2022 at Regal Hongkong Hotel, Regal Kowloon Hotel, and Regal Riverside Hotel directly or through Regal Hotels’ eShop (https://bit.ly/31VHAdJ). The mooncakes redemption period starts from 8 August to 9 September 2022.

Regal Hotels Premium Abalone Poon Choi

Embrace joyful moments of togetherness with your loved ones with our Premium Abalone Poon Choi in the coming Mid-Autumn Festival. Featuring 3-head whole abalone, supreme soup lobster, fish maw, sea cucumber and many more premium ingredients, this dish will undeniably satisfy whoever you want to share the festive joy with. All ingredients are delicately selected by our chefs to ensure you an unforgettable dining experience. Vegetarian Poon Choi is also available with ingredients that are low-fat, high-protein and high-collagen including morel and yellow fungus. Sit back, relax and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends this Mid-Autumn Festival with our Premium Poon Choi options. Self pick-up takeaway or dine-in services are available. From now until 9 September, 2022, guests can enjoy an exclusive offer at eShop (https://bit.ly/31VHAdJ) by purchasing poon choi and receiving a FREE bottle of our Signature XO Sauce (value at HKD198).

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