15 Nov 2021 By Betty Chung

Register For A Gastronomy Lesson With The Talented Tengnueng From The Where Next Club

Tengneung presents Glenfiddich Where Next Club a Sweet Delight

Masterclass: Work with Passion (Way to Pâtissier)

Sweet tooths delight! This coming Saturday 20th November 1.00 – 2.00 pm BKT., join Tengnueng in a special Patisserie Masterclass: Work with Passion (Way to Pâtissier), that will mark a sweet ending to Glenfiddich Where Next Club’s series of masterclasses. In this special session, Tengneung will be sharing how he constantly embraces meaningful growth by stepping out of his comfort zone, from a popular boyband member turned pâtissier and bakery shop owner. Stay tuned to find out takeaways on how you can push beyond the boundaries in pursuing your passion, and for a step-by-step online baking session, where Tengnueng will be taking audiences through his never-shared-before Tiramisu recipe, with techniques that home bakers can easily follow along – in order to inspire your very own dessert creation.

Glenfiddich’s Where Next Club is a place for passionate individuals and changemakers of Thailand to join and connect via inspirational stories and the ignition of passion that will set a movement for the future generation of mavericks.

Register today for the free Live Zoom session at https://bit.ly/3CcKNBQ or visit Instagram @valleofthedeer.th for more information.