7 May 2024 By May Ng

REINTERPRETING The Master Grande Tradition Calibre 948

The Master Grande Tradition Calibre 948 is a remarkable work of art created by the master artisans of the Manufacture’s Métiers Rares™ atelier. Uniting the skills of enamelling, guillochage and lacquering, each example requires more than 70 hours of meticulous work.

In 2024, the new interpretation of the Master Grande Tradition Calibre 948 in a fascinating green champlevé enamel consolidates our legitimacy in celestial complications and precision.The precision of the world’s time zones

As with all measurements of time, the origin of our world’s time zones lies in astronomy: the passage of our 24-hour day is determined by the rotation of Earth on its own axis.

At the International Meridian Conference in 1884, it was decided that Greenwich Observatory in London (longitude 0°) would be the basis for calculating times around the globe and each of the 24 major time zones would be defined by 15 degrees of longitude. The world’s day would start and end at midnight at the Greenwich meridian and times would be counted east and west from there – hence the terms Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), ante meridian (am) and post meridian (pm).