1 Jan 2023 By May Ng

Reset, Refresh and Replenish: ICHU’s Nourishing Sips and Bites for January Detoxing

This January, embrace self-care without sacrificing satisfaction with ICHU Peru. The contemporary Nikkei restaurant located in Central’s art-centric H Queens development is the perfect spot to take in a nourishing meal and mocktail whilst soaking up Vitamin D on the lush terrace.

The Achiote mocktail (HK$100) is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse made with beta-carotene-rich carrot, turmeric, citrus and annatto seeds commonly used in South America to treat digestive ailments. The creative drink is bursting with flavour and the perfect antidote for December excessiveness.

Purple sweet potato has been credited with promoting longevity and vigorous health*. This superfood is a firm feature on the vibrant ICHU menu and is a must-try for those looking to lean into health in the new year. The Camote Crujiente (HK$70) crispy purple potato wedges are the ideal accompaniment to a vibrant alcohol-free sip, whilst the Salmon Anticuchos (HK$160) reimagine the classic Peruvian skewers with omega-3 rich Norwegian salmon, spicy aji amarillo mayo and wafers made of purple sweet potato.