25 Aug 2023 By May Ng

RIMOWA The Beauty of Dents, Scratches & Sisters in a New Campaign

Since its founding in 1898 in Cologne, RIMOWA has forged a path as a pioneer in the world of travel. Over a century later, the German Maison has upheld the highest standards of craftsmanship that solidified its position as such, continuously creating durable mobility tools to accompany discerning travellers for a lifetime of memorable journeys.

Now, the German Maison is celebrating its enduring legacy and the innumerable memories travellers have made with RIMOWA suitcases by their side in a new campaign titled “A Lifetime of Memories”. The campaign is created to highlight the marks of seasoned travellers, and the precious memories as embodied by their suitcases. Expertly crafted using the Maison’s durable materials, each RIMOWA suitcase is designed to take on the shape of travellers’ adventures. Every dent, scratch, and sticker tells a story.

Split across four films as directed by filmmaker Fenn O’Meally, the ‘A Lifetime of Memories’ campaign chronicles four travellers as they purposefully move from one location to the next; a DJ in search of music they’ve never heard before, a gastronomist couple in search of the perfect bite, and an artist who is travelling to her next exhibition. Each with a unique case of their own, their travel companions represent their journeys, housing a lifetime of memories.