6 Jan 2022 By May Ng

Rouge Allure Velvet La Comete

To cover women in constellations – that was Mademoiselle Chanel’s wish in 1932, when she conceived her very first CHANEL High Jewelry collection, entitled “Bijoux de Diamants” inspired by the stars.

In 2022, CHANEL has reinvented the House’s most iconic lipstick collection with new exclusive creation – ROUGE ALLURE VELVET La Comète. A luminous, velvet-finish limited edition collection with its inimitable click case, inspired by the constellations that Gabrielle Chanel loved so dearly.

The cases of the eight new shades created for the occasion are embossed with a comet, fashioned after the necklace by the same name —  a CHANEL High Jewelry icon. The star that women have draped around their necks for nearly a century now adorns the ROUGE ALLURE VELVET case, making lipstick application more desirable than ever. Limited-edition ROUGE ALLURE VELVET La Comète promises unforgettable allure: a simple lipstick turned genuine collector’s item.

These new exclusive creations are available in store & e-popup store starting from 6th January, 2022 while stocks last.

全新限量創作將於 2022 年 1 月 6 日起在專門店及網店發售,售完即止。

Rouge Allure Velvet La Comete