Hermès presents its second Rouge Hermès Limited Edition collection: an ephemeral curation of three beauty objects, lacquered in a palette of light and shade.

This collection is a seamless blend of autumn into winter, evoking nights as black as ink and the glimmer of dawn, the vision of a clear backlit sky, the dry cold of the outside world and the cosy warmth of an interior.

The shades, whether light-filled or darkened, echo the works of fine artists: the silent perspectives of Charles Sheeler, the calm beauty of the still lifes and domestic landscapes by John Register and Arduino Cantàfora, the abstract compositions of Jean Hélion.

Three lipstick colours offer a variation on the theme of pink:

ROSE OMBRÉ, satin: rosewood and waxed palisander, a secret pleasure in half-tones, discreet and slightly muted.

ROSE POMMETTE, satin: a light-filled, joyful and vibrant pink, like a wild rose in bright sunlight.

ROSE NUIT, matte: a velvety pink, deep, soft and muted, with subtle tints of blue beneath a starry sky.

These three colours evoke an awakening of the spirit, a delicacy of emotion, a heart that beats beneath a calm exterior.

Three shades imbued with a vivid, secret and enveloping sensuality, reminiscent of Yves Klein’s soft yet vibrant roses.

A mysterious signature, subtle yet sophisticated.

The only seasonal aspect of this autumn-winter 2020 collection is its choice of colours, since the noble materials used to craft the lipstick tubes make them sustainable, refillable objects. With a simple gesture, the limited edition colours can be replaced with different shades.

The autumn-winter 2020 Rouge Hermès Limited Edition collection will be available from 21 September 2020 in selected Hermès retail outlets around the world.