30 Sep 2023 By May Ng

Rouge Hermes Autumn-Winter 2023 Limited Edition

The collection will be available in stores and on hermes.com/hk from 1 October 2023.




While black stands in opposition to all colours, it is sometimes the source of them, the chromatic matrix, the pathfinder.
Black gives rise to colour – dense, deep colour, a concentrate of pigments.
Like the effect of chiaroscuro, these limited-edition lipstick shades are as luminous as they are tenebrous: a striking contrast, an invitation to explore the various intense and coloured tones of black.

Three objects inspired by coloured black
Designed by Pierre Hardy, creator of Hermès Beauty objects, three original tubes encase the shades of coloured black.
On the first, a ray of sunlight contrasts with an expanse of blue-green; on the second, a burst of amethyst is paired with a flash of orange; while a variation on emerald is teamed with a purple flourish on the third.
The lines blend into a lacquered mist, their proportions appear reinvented.
The object is hazy, like a misty landscape where light breaks through the clouds in a cross-fade from black to colour.

A lightweight formula
These deep, dense shades of coloured black deposit a subtle veil of unexpected colour on the lips, their non-sticky texture delivering shine and comfort.

A buildable gesture
“The colour and texture can be worked as the mood or moment takes you, instinctively,” states Gregoris Pyrpylis, Creative Director of Hermès Beauty, with reference to two application options:
– the tip of the bullet allows several layers to be applied with a high level of precision. The colour becomes more intense and glossier, never masking the lips but simply embellishing them with a shimmering, translucent veil;
– applying the product with a finger gives a lighter, softer and more transparent result. The colouris tempered, becoming one with skin, as if it has come from within, its texture evaporating.

Three nuanced colours with a soft glow
72 Rouge Bruni: a strong brick red with warm, velvety undertones.
84 Rouge Abysse: an elegant burgundy with a touch of cobalt, a true midnight sun.
90 Prunoir: a purple illuminated from within by hints of pink.

The three objects in the Rouge Hermès autumn-winter 2023 limited-edition collection are refillable with any other shade from the Rouge Hermès permanent collection. They will be available from October 2023 in selected Hermès retail outlets worldwide.

Rouge Hermès AW23 Limited Edition - Rouge Abysse 84 @ Studio des Fleurs (2) - HK$ 700
Rouge Hermès AW23 Limited Edition - Rouge Abysse 84 @ Studio des Fleurs - HK$ 700