3 Feb 2024 By Aiyana K

Rouge Hermes & Les Mains Hermes Spring/Summer 2024 Limited Edition Collection

Graphic and polychrome, this new limited edition combines Rouge Hermès and Les Mains Hermès in their fullest expression of colour.
Radical, radiant, resplendent. Flashes of colour electrify nuanced tones in a play of light charged with energy.

Three Rouge Hermès lipsticks
Positive vibes, a compelling palette: Pierre Hardy reinvents the objects like a set of discs whose colours interact in a ricochet of cosmic prisms irresistibly basking in the bright, new springtime sun.
A summery note, at once sunny and surreal, adorns the bands of these mini totems.
Between amethyst and aquamarine emerges a bright yellow, asserting a contrast.
From a summer sky unexpectedly filled with grey clouds bursts the stealthy luminescence of a delicate pink.
Deep-sea blue, counterbalancing petulant orange, dialogues with the purity of emerald green.
On the lips, the pure pigments in this trio of intense, colourful and joyous shades elevate the smile with their high-frequency, neon-like radiance.

Three Les Mains Hermès nail enamels
For the first time, the objects’ caps are adorned with colour, drawing a contrast with the three shades of varnish.
The primary blue of Bleu Électrique is met with a ray of yellow light that fades into its oceanic hue.
A swirling orange warms and softens Ultraviolet, enhancing its elegance.
The coral sea of Orange Tonique is darkened by the deep blue of a stormy summer night heavy with humidity.
On the nails, these cheerful, summery colours bring a touch of invigorating sophistication to the hands.

Rouge Hermès SS24 Limited Edition
Rouge Hermès SS24 Limited Edition - Orange néon © Studio des Fleurs - HK$ 735
Les Mains Hermès SS24 Limited Edition - Orange tonique © Studio des Fleurs