20 Sep 2021 By May Ng

Rouge Hermès opened the way for Rose Hermès. Les Mains Hermès.


Introduced in 2020, Hermès Beauty has quickly become a core métier for the house.
Since then, objects, materials, colours and gestures have engaged in a new and perpetual interplay of affinities and connections.

Rouge Hermès opened the way for Rose Hermès.

And, as nature is something to be nurtured, protected, maintained and enhanced, a third chapter of Hermès Beauty quite naturally unfolds in 2021 with Les Mains Hermès

This new chapter of Hermès Beauty opens with a collection in which care and beauty echo each other, in harmony with Hermès’ handicrafts and workmanship;

the expression of an agile tradition executed with the intelligence of dexterous fingers that create and embellish.

A complete hand care cream, a nourishing oil for nails and cuticles, a protective base coat, nail enamels, a top coat,

and a set of nail files compose a personal yet universal beauty repertoire combining care and colour.

In a graphic interplay of white and gold bottles and lids, pure and distinctive shapes bring this art of usefulness in beauty to life.

Like a hallmark, the Hermès ex-libris is a prelude to its gestures and materials.

The collection is available in stores and on www.hermes.com/hk from 15 October 2021.