Renowned worldwide as a pioneering brand in fine food products, Royal Caviar Club offers exclusive access to the world of fine things and rare pleasure – from premium caviar and champagne to luxury accessories. In a rare and limited-time opportunity, Royal Caviar Club presents special-value Stay At Home Indulgence Packages for the city’s gourmets. All orders must be made in advance as ingredients are sourced fresh, and deliveries within Hong Kong are free of charge.

About Royal Caviar Club

Royal Caviar Club (RCC) is Hong Kong’s trusted fine foods distributor, enjoyed by some of the finest Michelin-starred restaurants in the city. RCC offers an exclusive and unique range of top-quality caviar from around the world, made by traditional methods and using very little salt and zero preservatives. Caviar is known to have several health and anti-aging benefits, as a delicious powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Caviar is rich in Omega-3, which improves the immune system and heart health. Vitamins such as B12, A, E and B6 provide immense anti-aging benefits, which is why caviar is a popular ingredient in many luxury skincare products.

Foodies and connoisseurs may encounter RCC products at restaurants by Le Comptoir, such as 2-Michelin-starred Ecriture and izakaya concept Silencio, as well as Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’s Michelin-starred restaurants such as Pierre and Mandarin Grill & Bar. Other food and beverage establishments include 8/1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana Macau, ThinkWine, Frantzen’s Kitchen, ZEST by Konishi, Sushi Kuu and more.

“Stay At Home” Indulgence Packages by Royal Caviar Club

An iconic pairing, Lobster & Caviar can now be enjoyed together in a special package for the price of HK$960, reduced from the original price of HK$1,200. The package includes two pieces of 100g shelled Canadian lobster tail that have been decorticated when raw and frozen with cryogenics. The versatile meat can be consumed raw as sashimi, sushi or carpaccio; or cooked by steaming, frying or baking. The included caviar is 50g of Superior Sturgeon Caviar, characterized by medium grains ranging in color from dark to light brown. The taste is mild, buttery, creamy and delicate with a light aftertaste.

The Iberico Full Leg & Caviar package is priced at HK$12,800, down from the original value of HK$22,500. The package includes 48-months-aged Double Acorn-Fed Iberico Ham Bellota Whole Leg (approximately 8kgs), appreciated for its high fat content and rich marbling. While most Iberian pigs eat acorns over one season, Royal Caviar Club has selected a limited number of pigs that eat double the acorns over two seasons, which yields a robust, nuttier flavour in the meat. The included 30g Royal Cristal Gold boasts large, round and firm honey to golden-hued grains. Its soft, creamy aroma and smooth, buttery taste makes it an excellent choice for gourmets. Add an optional Ham Leg Stand & Ham Knife for an additional HK$2,900, marked down from the original value of HK$4,000.

Another ham & caviar package guests may opt for is the Iberico Ham & Royal Cristal Caviar, which includes 100g double acorn fed Iberico ham slices and 30g Royal Cristal Caviar. Royal Cristal Caviar is derived from the roes of mature hybrid sturgeon of over 8-10 years old, with a firm texture and colour of light to dark brown. This package is priced at a valued HK$980, down from the original HK$1,200.

The most classic pairing of them all – the Blinis & Caviar package features 32 mini French blinis, 100g Royal Cristal Caviar, and an iridescent Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon. The fresh blinis are prepared using an exclusive recipe with fresh eggs, which give them their unique flavour and incomparable softness. The special offer for this package is HK$1,860, down from the original value of HK$2,350.

Baron Salmon & Caviar includes 100g Imperial Ossetra Caviar and 250g Scottish Baron Salmon for the special price of HK$2,300, marked down from the original price of HK$,2880. Known as the best part of the salmon, the completely natural Baron fillet has been smoked in real wood furnaces. Imperial Ossetra Caviar is one of the most sought-after types of caviar in the world, with a noble golden yellow colour and medium-sized grains.

Other irresistible package offers include Sea Urchin & Caviar (now priced at HK$2,480, down from HK$3,100) featuring 250g fresh sea urchin and 100g Imperial Ossetra Caviar, and Creamy Cheese & Caviar (now HK$1,600, down from HK$2,000), including 1x mini Brillat Savarin and 1x Chaource, with 100g Superior Guba Caviar and 16 mini French blinis.

View and order packages online at With a mission to let you experience true caviar culture and bring the finer things in life within easy reach, Royal Caviar Club sources the very best of the best, premier products that are carefully selected and impeccably packaged.

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