Ruby Tuesday Adds Impossible Foods

Following the success of its Earth Day menu, which saw the popular family restaurant offer, Impossible Foods’ meat made from plants for the first time, Ruby Tuesday will be launching several Impossible™ dishes on to its main menu and kids menu at all Hong Kong locations starting July onwards.
The Ruby Tuesday menu will feature three Impossible™ dishes, showcasing the versatility of the meat made from plants. The Ruby Tuesday Impossible™ Burger, Ruby Tuesday Impossible™ Bolognese with Penne Pasta and Ruby Tuesday Impossible™ Cheese Quesadilla will give diners plenty of options to choose from. Likewise the kids menu has been expanded to include a mini Impossible™ Bolognese with fresh broccoli, Impossible™ Mini Burger with fries and a small side salad, and kidssized Quesadilla withImpossible™ Meat, cheese, and a side of sweet corn. 
Full descriptions of the delicious new Ruby Tuesday x Impossible dishes below:
RubyTuesday Impossible™ BurgerA deliciously, juicy Impossible™ Patty with Green Lettuce, Mayo,Sliced Tomato, Red Onion [Rings], Pickles, a Cheddar Cheese Sauce and, sliced Avocado squeezed into a Bamboo Charcoal Burger Bun.
RubyTuesday’s Impossible™ Bolognese: Deliciously thick ragu made with Impossible™ Meat, Soffritto, Onions, Tomato Paste, and Vegetable Brothperfectlypaired with Penne Pasta and garnished with Parmesan Cheese and Rocket.
RubyTuesday’s Impossible™ Quesadilla: Ruby’s Impossible™ Quesadillas consist of flour tortillas,filled with seasoned Impossible™ Meat, Cheddar and Swiss Cheese. Grilled to perfection and served with dollops of salsa and homemade Sour Cream.
The new Impossible Meat dishes will be available at all five Ruby Tuesday Hong Kong franchisee!