Salvatore Ferragamo – Holiday 2019

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Salvatore Ferragamo 2019節慶系列


This Holiday season Salvatore Ferragamo invites you to enjoy a very special campaign and collection. As showcased via the artfully stylised choreography of the season’s campaign video, the Ferragamo Holiday collection plays coolly modern ready-to-wear in a monochrome palette against playfully colour-popped accessories. Through the medium of dance, our dynamic cast of models showcase the flexibility and versatility of a collection that has been designed to empower you to navigate the rhythms of modern life with energy, brio and grace.

在這個節慶的季節,Salvatore Ferragamo為您帶來與別不同的廣告宣傳與系列。廣告宣傳影片以精心編排的舞蹈來展示全新Ferragamo節慶系列,並以單色背景來突出顏色炫麗的配飾展現充滿時尚的服飾。模特兒以動感十足的舞蹈詮釋了此系列的靈活配搭與多功能性,旨在讓您以活力、熱情並優雅的態度來駕馭現代的生活節奏。

Creative Director Paul Andrew says: “True luxury must be life-enhancing. This is why Salvatore Ferragamo is dedicated to crafting shoes, clothing and accessories that not only look beautiful but which perform beautifully too. For this holiday season we wanted to emphasise the joy generated by inhabiting garments that afford a full, free range of effortless movement – and there’s no better platform for that than dance. By paring back the colour story to black, with accents of silver and white, and poppily tonal punctuation marks provided by the accessories, we’re really focussed on the quality of our artisan construction. The result is a modern wardrobe that encompasses leisure, business and evening wear in a sleek and progressive whole – clothes and shoes for dancing through life.”

品牌創意總監Paul Andrew表示:「真正的奢華必須能提升生活質素。這就是Salvatore Ferragamo 致力製作不僅看起來精緻而且性能兼備的鞋履、服裝和配飾的原因。在這個節慶季節,我們想強調令人行動自如、舒適的服飾為人們所帶來的喜悅及歡樂,跳舞便是最好的示範。通過黑色、銀色和白色,加上配飾的點綴,我們能真正以最佳的工藝為大家呈獻一個時尚衣櫃,內裡的休閒服、商務服、晚裝及鞋履都能讓您揮灑自如地應付生活中的一切。」


Womenswear features coats, jackets, skirts, jumpsuits and dresses in inkily toned leathers and silks accented by delicate gestures of rhinestone shine, sequin flash and silvery reflection. The seasonal foulards provide a burst of colour via blown up maxi-floral prints that create a beguiling natural kaleidoscope. Kinetic fashion energy is generated by punchily coloured iterations of Ferragamo’s jewel-like new pump and Trifolio bag.



Menswear offers an ultra-contemporary and ultra-luxurious selection of wearable equipment for the modern urbanite. Its foundation is a reinvented expression of our classic bench-made Tramezza oxford, given a 21st Century upgrade via a high-tech silicone finish. This is complemented by a new bag, in which artisan construction and deerskin fabrication are combined to make a daily companion piece that is both beautiful and functional. It is offered in both copper and black and alongside a matching belt for effortless co-ordination.



The Holiday collection will take centre stage in Salvatore Ferragamo flagship store windows across the globe. And it will dance its way through the digital world as our video campaign is rolled out across social platforms.

全新節慶系列將成為全球Salvatore Ferragamo旗艦店的櫥窗焦點,而短片也將於社交媒體全面發佈。