Samsonite introduces its FIRST solar-powered Torus backpack

Ideal Backpack For Producing Portable Power While On The Move

Torus Solar Backpack HK$1,790

Facing the growing problem of worldwide energy shortages, Samsonite presents the Torus Solar Backpack – a highly innovative backpack that gives savvy professionals a portable, convenient and environmentally-conscious power solution wherever they go.

Integrating state-of-the-art solar panels into the popular Torus backpack, the Samsonite Torus Solar Backpack lets users take advantage of a totally free, natural energy source that is easy to capture. With a solar-powered backpack, busy executives gain a significant value-add to their travels with the ability to power their mobile phones when on the go.

Crafted to accommodate a wide assortment of mobile phone models, different device charging tips are provided in addition to the rechargeable battery and connecting cables. Charging mobile via the solar panel mechanism is a straightforward easy process, ideal for time-constrained business professionals.

The Torus backpack eliminates the unnecessary stress that low battery warnings can cause while on the move. The rechargeable battery can be fully charged by simply placing the solar panel under direct sunlight for 12 hours or by connecting to a computer for 5 hours via USB. Mobile phones can be recharged by connecting to the backpack’s rechargeable battery with the appropriate connecting cable and adapter tips for emergency use; while the detachable solar panel can be used separately with enhanced convenience alongside dual functionality.

Made from a combination of sturdy polyester, the work-appropriate Samsonite Torus Solar backpack is carefully outfitted with a high-quality solar panel and lined with high-density polyester for maximum durability. Available in classic black with contrasting color lining and zipper, the understated Torus Solar backpack is the perfect eco-friendly accessory for stylish professionals on the move.