Sands Macau

If you were to ask me to name my top 5 hotels in Macau, I would include Sands Macao Hotel as one of them. Opened in 2004, this classy hotel oozes sophistication. Initially it was operated as a member’s only hotel catering to the high rollers but have since open its arms to the public.

The hotel houses 289 spectacular suites with most having sea views and the Macao skyline. The Deluxe Suites each offer 60 square meters and Premium Suites is at 92 square meters. We had the privilege to experience the awesome Executive Suite. At 120 square meters, it comprises two separate living areas making it ideal for us having a small family. With two huge plasma TVs, an even a bigger bathroom with a private Jacuzzi, its time to uncork your Crystals. What also impress me are the detailed interiors of the suite. Luxurious in its own ways and stylish enough to be categorized as a top boutique hotel. 

The casino at this hotel is surely something to brag about with associates and friends. 20 meters high ceilings offering 416 gaming tables, positioned in a beautiful setting that is ever pleasing to the eyes, it makes you get on the floor and roll your dices and take your chances. I really like the fact that it has a non – smoking floor, which caters for non-smokers like myself. ?

If you are traveling with the young ones then The “ Adores Macau” Japanese games centre is a must. This exciting new family attraction attracts not only kids but is fun for all. There are “ Crane Game” where players have a chance to grab and win one of their favorite toys. Very fun and real addictive. You could be there for hours.  “Arcade Machines” and “Picture Print Machines” are also part of this new exciting venue at Sands Macao.

After a spectacular debut at the casino, it was time to head towards Restaurant Perola. This restaurant is amazing. With its ambience warmth European style settings and catering to delightful delicious Macanese food, you will be an overwhelmed patron. I love dining in Macao, as prices are so reasonable. A dinner for six is approximately HK$ 900.00 which you could never expect to pay for that in Hong Kong. I suggest their famous Seafood Stew with the steam fresh Cod and for desert, their in-house Portuguese egg tart is a must! Yes it’s the biggest and one of the best in Macao. The restaurant also houses fantastic Portuguese wines with a 50% discount.
Once you have got the check, its time to head up to the 23rd floor Playboy Club and party the night away at the coolest club in Macao. With Key Holders such as Bonnie Gokson, Patricia Cheung, Lisa S, Michael Wong to name a few, this iconic club is already a venue to be seen for the who of whom. Sure there are many good clubs in Macao but where can you find one with gorgeous bunnies taking your orders and chatting with you?  It is a great venue for entertainment and the view from this pad is just spectacular and so is the view within the club.

The Hotel also offers VIP services.  Guests can have access to a private jet, limousines, helicopters and their in-house ferry services. Private entrance for the discerning guests and enjoy exclusive entertainment lounges & game rooms.

Sands Macao is conveniently located that it only takes 5 minutes to get there from the ferry and helicopter terminal.

I really enjoyed my stay at Sands Macao. A hotel that offers exquisite services to their guests. It looks good with an exclusiveness that other players desire. This is a very classy hotel.


Address: Sands Macao Hotel, Largo de Monte Carlo, No.203, Macao SAR, P.R. China
Tel: +853 2888 3388
Toll Free Numbers:

    * China (Applicable for both fixed line and mobile phone):  4001 20 8822
    * Hong Kong: 001 80000 800 222
    * India: 000800 100 7952
    * Japan Landline: 010 80000 800 222
    * Japan mobile phone or payphone: 001 010 80000 800 222
    * Singapore: 001 80000 800 222

Tel: +853 2888 3330
Fax: +853 2882 8823