Savour irresistable sensation of sea urchin at Sagano

This November and December, discerning diners are invited to immerse themselves in a variety of tantalising sea urchin dishes at Sagano of New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel.

Head Chef Masahiko Noka of Sagano specially imports fresh sea urchin from Hokkaido in Japan, Russia and Canada for diners to enjoy and explore.  Diners may opt for sampling the Sea Urchin Sashimi to savour its appealing briny flavours and unparalleled creaminess, or Sushi Topped with Sea Urchin, handmade by Sagano’s veteran chefs.

Alternatively, diners may try the nicely crafted sea urchin delicacies prepared by Head Chef Noka, using authentic recipes, ranging from the crispy Deep-fried Sea Urchin with Seaweed and Grilled Sea Urchin with Cheese and Vegetables, to the perfect seafood match Grilled Scallop with Sea Urchin and the light, refreshing Stewed Fresh Bean Curd Skin with Sea Urchin.  Last but not least, don’t miss out on the Sea Urchin with Mashed Yam, a very authentic Japanese dish pampering your palate.
The sea urchin delicacies are available during lunch and dinner periods.  Patrons will enjoy two-hour free parking for lunch and three-hour free parking for dinner.  For enquiries or reservations, please call 2313 4215.

Inspired by a famous suburb of Kyoto, Sagano offers an authentic Japanese dining journey.  Six VIP rooms are available, one of which is a tatami room with traditional bamboo flooring.  Here, dining is no longer just about food, but a complete cultural experience.