Seasonal Hair Coloring Tips from Frederic Fekkai

Spring is just round the corner, and so is the perfect time for a new hairdo to shake off the winter blues. This year’s runway hairstyles have already been spotted – from the icy blonde of the models at Ralph Lauren to the contrasted, highlighted hair over at Giorgio Armani’s stages. Amongst these countless trends, how is Femme Fekkai supposed to choose a hair color that best exudes personality and natural elegance? Master Hairstylist Frederic Fekkai is delighted to share valuable tips with Femme Fekkai, and has also created the limited set Rose Crème de la Crème by handpicking must-have products for preserving the much coveted vibrant hair colors of this season.

Tips by Frederic Fekkai:

  1. Warm tones such as auburn, golden brown, and chestnut tend to be more flattering than cool tones like copper and ash. Skin tone also plays a role when it comes to determining the color – different shades of red, such as burgundy, copper, and auburn, blend well with the warm hues of Asian skin tones. This year, auburn tone also happens to be the most popular choice of color.
  2. Natural Asian hair often lacks the depth and texture seen on Western counterparts. Coloring, especially highlighting, is a great way to enhance a hairstyle and add dimension to the hair. It also changes the hair texture and makes styling easier. Red-ish and brown-based tones are always flattering, and can add to the cool and sexy factor.
  3. For first-timers trying highlights, they may consider a progressive highlighting style from dark to light tones for more natural-looking results (see above image). Various tones of brown can be mixed and matched too for unique results.
  4. No matter which color you choose, it is important to use products with color-preserving ingredients to keep your locks looking fresh and revived.