Secret Theatre Projects present REDEMPTION ROOM: a world premiere, immersive, online thriller experience

“You will be judge and executioner, but when an evil virus infiltrates the proceedings, how far will you go?” 

Redemption Room is a new live online experience where the audience gets to judge six disgraced celebrities as they seek redemption for their societal crimes. The production format takes a thrilling twist after an evil entity is awakened into the proceedings. Who will survive? Who will get their redemption? You will decide.

The experience will go live across the world in a Zoom studio featuring contestants from six major cities; Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Mumbai, Sydney and New York. The production will be going live from all those cities where our celebrities are located.

As the studio audience in the online experience you will vote on how far we push the contestants fears. But be warned, every-night audiences will be judging the proceedings and one audience member will even be asked to compete with the celebrities. So as an audience attendee you can vote, you can judge, you can contact the celebrities directly and have an outcome on the experience!

So who are Asia’s secret contestants? How will they fair against the contestants from all over the world? You can go to our website and connect with the celebrities straight away! Feel free to ask them about their journey!

For the experience we suggest you turn off the lights, light a candle and be prepared for the unexpected. Should you have paranormal fears please prepare accordingly. If Ouija boards are your taste, there will be a moment when you can get involved. Please be warned by wearing black you can summon demons….

There will be various screening times for Hong Kong and Singapore on various dates where audiences can enjoy the production from 7-10pm.

About Secret Theatre

Secret Theatre is a global immersive performance company founded by Richard Crawford in New York in 2009. Since then they have travelled the world creating unique experiences. Redemption Room is Secret Theatre’s premier online, immersive cinematic experience, bringing together a production that can be streamed and enjoyed from anywhere in the world. “I wanted to create a fitting show for our times that encapsulates all that 2020 was, so it’s a horror, thriller where audiences from all over the world can have an impact on the outcome and talk directly to the characters as soon as they by a ticket thus creating a pre-show immersive experience! We are really excited and can’t wait for it to launch.

The experience can be viewed on any device that supports Zoom. 

Please see the ticket page for global time zone options. 

The Shows go live on 25 February and run until March. 

Company website

Please note the experience will be streamed at different times for different time zones so please check the ticket page when you purchase that you have the right time for your city.