5 Apr 2024 By May Ng

Serge Lutens | La fille tour de fer

“No matter what the famous song says, with her, Paris will never just be Paris! In one fell swoop, she overturns the outdated image of the sweet, corseted Parisian belle, with her Eiffel Tower and other such clichés! Hot colors and Hot couture, she’s a master of reinvention. Always a rebel against everything, including herself, she forges ahead without fear. Be careful with her, she’s a tough one…

To be honest, she tires me out! What about you?”

Serge Lutens

Dominant notes:
Natural pink pepper essence – Turkish and Bulgarian rose absolute – Iris

Olfactory impressions:
Seductive, determined, rare

La fille tour de fer is a Parisian free spirit. Without the slightest regard for polite convention, she remains fully at ease in all situations.

With a cutting sense of repartee, she is a colourful rebel. She uses her distinctive sex appeal and style to take on the world and shatter the clichéd image of the sweet Parisian belle!

Through this new rose tinged with the hard edge of the streets of Paris, Serge Lutens breathes new life into the past to reinvent the future, breaking down the codes of perfumery to bring it up to par with the modern woman.

Hot couture alert!

Collection noire
La fille tour de fer
100ml – HK$1850 / 50ml – HK$1300