Shang Palace – Traditional Treats&Festive Cooking Class

Sweetened Red Wine Sticky Rice Dumpling l
In celebration of the legendary Dragon Boat Festival on 2 June 2014, Executive Chinese Chef Mok Kit Keung of the Michelin two-starred Shang Palace has created a new selection of sticky rice dumplings.  The new creations, along with some popular choices, will be available at Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong between 4 May and 2 June 2014.  In addition, Chef Mok will conduct a festive cooking class on 20 May 2014, where guests can learn cooking skills and receive extra perks.

New Flavours

Chef Mok gives this year’s festival a creative twist with an array of brand-new flavours.  To please health-conscious palates, Chef Mok uses dried fruits with flavours of mango, papaya, fig and red dates to replace pork and lotus seed paste, the usual ingredients used for Dragon Boat dumplings.  Furthermore, he soaks the sticky rice in red wine for a few hours before steaming the dumplings to give the brand-new Sweetened Red Wine Sticky Rice Dumpling with Dried Fruits wrapped in Grape Leaf (HK$98 each) a hint of red wine in both taste and smell.

Another newly created variety, the Roast Chicken Sticky Rice Dumpling with Black Garlic and Porcini Mushroom (HK$178 each) features earthy porcini mushroom and chicken leg meat baked with black garlic.  Chef Mok opts for Swiss black garlic, renowned for being 10 times richer in antioxidants and milder in taste than the commonly used garlic.  He also uses pine nuts and chestnut in place of egg yolk and pork for a healthier twist.

Guests who prefer something sweeter can savour Japanese Sweetened Golden Chestnut Paste Sticky Rice Dumpling with Black Syrup and Kinako Powder (HK$88 each).  Chef Mok has selected Japanese golden chestnut because it is less sweet than chestnut from other origins.  He also provides black syrup and kinako powder in individual packets to replace the white sugar used to enhance the sweetness of the sticky rice dumplings.

In addition, Chef Mok and Chef Kojima, head chef at Nadaman, have worked together to lend a Japanese twist to the traditional Chinese culture by creating Yamagata Prefecture Yonezawa Pork Sticky Rice Dumpling with Hokkaido Red Beans (HK$148 each) to pamper gourmet taste buds.

Traditional flavours made from age-old recipes will also be available.  Selections include Sticky Rice Dumplings wrapped in Bamboo Leaves and filled with Whole Abalone (HK$248 each), Succulent Conpoy, Barbecued Pork and Salted Egg (HK$178 each) and Sweet Mashed Lotus Seed Paste (HK$68 each).

For enquiries or to place an order for the Dragon Boat dumplings, please call (852) 2733 8401.  All orders received before 17 May 2014 will be entitled to a 20 per cent early bird discount.

Festive Cooking Class

Executive Chinese Chef will demonstrate how to make a Sticky Rice Dumplings wrapped in Bamboo Leaves and filled with Whole Abalone during festive cooking class on 20 May 2014.  The event will begin with a classic dim sum breakfast.  Participants will then try their hands at making the sticky rice dumpling under Chef Mok’s guidance in the kitchen.

Guests may bring their own creations home.  They will receive a certificate and an apron upon completion of the class.  They can then enjoy a five-course lunch with Chef Mok in the comfort of Shang Palace’s private dining room.  The class will be conducted from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at a fee of HK$1,388 plus 10 per cent.  Seats are limited.  For details, please contact Shang Palace at (852) 2733 8754.

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