Shanghai Tang Appoints BINGQIANG XU As Chief Shoe Designer A Playful Take on Modern Chinese Chic


Shanghai Tang is delighted to announce the appointment of acclaimed Chinese designer BING XU as the brand’s Chief Shoe Designer. He will join hands with Shanghai Tang’s Creative Director Victoria Tang-Owen to create a range of contemporary and cutting-edge footwear designs inspired by Chinese cultural heritage and aesthetics as well as the brand’s deep rooted “Created by Chinese” ethos.

上海灘歡迎中國設計師BING XU加入並擔任品牌首席鞋履設計師,其將與上海灘創意總監鄧愛嘉攜手推出一系列融匯中西的創新之作,以根植於中國文化的「中國創造」精神,多元新銳的創意設計,向世界展現蘊含中國文化底蘊的東方時尚美學。

“I am honoured to be the Chief Shoe Designer of Shanghai Tang. I believe contemporary Chinese culture is the soul of the brand. I hope to combine and highlight this unique brand aesthetic with designs created for a modern lifestyle in forthcoming collection,” says Bing Xu.

BING XU對此表示道:「很榮幸成為上海灘的首席鞋履設計師。我認為上海灘的『當代中國文化精神』是品牌的靈魂,需要與摩登生活時尚互為呼應,我希望將兩者相結合,並在系列作品中得以呈現。」

Being a sought-after Chinese designer in recent years, Bing Xu graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York in 2011 and Polimoda in Florence. He founded his luxury footwear label Bing Xu in 2013 and started to present his collection independently in Milan in 2017. The brand is frequently featured in fashion and lifestyle magazines including GQ, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Xu actively works as Style Contributor to New York Times’ T Magazine and Wallpaper magazine in China. His work has been showcased by GQ for two seasons running at London Fashion Week.


BING XU,作為近年全球炙手可熱的中國設計師,2011年畢業於紐約FIT時裝學院及佛羅倫斯柏麗慕達時裝學院,2013年創立的同名潮鞋品牌備受時尚及生活雜誌如《GQ》 《Vogue》《時尚芭莎》的推崇。他同時亦是中國《紐約時報》旗下的《T Magazine》及《Wallpaper*卷宗》的時尚撰稿人。其設計的系列產品曾受《GQ》推薦參加2015年倫敦時裝週,自2017年開始於米蘭時裝週發布及展示作品。

Bing Xu is the first Chinese designer to launch an exclusive footwear collection with 10 Corso Como and Lane Crawford, becoming the most popular footwear brand in the department store since 2014. The brand was invited by luxury conglomerate LVMH to enter T Fonfaco store in Venice in September 2016.

BING XU是第一位與10 Corso Como 及連卡佛(Lane Crawford)合作推出特別鞋履系列的中國設計師,其設計的產品自2014年便成為連卡佛鞋履部售罄率最高的鞋履品牌。 2016 年9 月,其品牌受LVMH之邀進駐威尼斯T Fondaco新店。

Bing Xu specializes in luxurious whimsical footwear with velvet and embroidery as his iconic design style. The refined materials and meticulous details incorporated into his designs continued to offer a sense of novelty to customers. The exclusive “Bing Xu for Shanghai Tang Collection” launched in early September 2019 was a great hit and quickly become the brand’s best-selling items. Stay tuned for more exciting collections coming soon.

BING XU的設計素以幽默俏皮、充滿靈性與無拘無束的自由生活態度見稱。以絲絨與刺繡為標誌性設計風格,產品細節精美考究,每個系列都為粉絲帶來了源源不絕的驚喜。 2019年9 月,上海灘與BING XU推出的首個聯名系列便成為全球鞋迷的心愛產品。更多精彩產品將隨後推出,敬請期待。