Shanghai Tang – “BING XU FOR SHANGHAI TANG” Exclusive Footwear Collection

Founded by Chinese designer Bingqiang Xu in Shanghai, the namesake label Bing Xu offers luxurious yet whimsical footwear that constantly wow and amuse fans season after season. It is only befitting that Shanghai Tang, a created-by-Chinese brand, joins hands with this revered Chinese label to create a line-up of shoes to celebrate heritage and disruptive creativity. Shanghai Tang’s Creative Director Victoria Tang-Owen and Bing Xu join creative forces in this long-awaited collaboration, which features two designs each in three different colourways and materials. The shoes adopt a backless flat mule design, a relaxed and laidback take on Bing Xu’s famous loafers.

Xu’s design ‘In the Mood for Love’ is topped with decorative pipa knots and has tonal piping to match, paying tribute to both brands’ heritage and iconic design elements. It offers two options for satin that echo Shanghai Tang’s signature vibrant colours – raspberry pink and emerald green – as well as a more versatile black velvet option.

The second style ‘Catch Me If You Can’, designed by Victoria Tang-Owen, sports a paw-sitively adorable embroidery of a cat gambolling with a mouse, nodding to the imminent year of the rat in 2020. The ever-elusive mouse, nimble as ever, is always one step ahead of the cat. It is also a cheeky tribute to the story in Chinese folklore which explains the absence of the cat from the ranks of the Chinese zodiac, referencing the Jade Emperor’s race to determine the order of the 12 zodiac animals in the Chinese calendar. This playful style comes in three colourways – black velvet, burgundy velvet and a more rustic linen option.