Shanghai Tang Chinese New Year 2021 Transform and Renew with the Year of the Ox

As we collectively turn the page to 2021, this Chinese New Year carries exceptionally meaningful significance. With Shanghai Tang’s CNY 2021 Collection, never has a start felt so fresh, where every change – no matter how miniscule – is poised to make a world of difference. Together we take back the reins, restore balance and radiate light – it’s time to reclaim all the good luck, fortune and power that’s always been yours.

Through this all-encompassing range of brilliant looks, sophisticated home decor and thoughtful gifts, Shanghai Tang CNY 2021 collection inspires and invites you to partake in an inclusive celebration for everyone to enjoy.

Inclusive Style, Exclusive Statement

Make your new year debut with a breathtaking Embossed Floral Jacquard Qipao from the CNY collection. Embossed with the unmistakable Chinese Herbaceous Peony, a symbol of love and prosperity, this qipao’s textured floral pattern is beautifully accented with the subtle sparkle of silver stitching. 

A layering piece that everyone can love, the unisex Silk Crepe Tang Jacket boasts a beautifully loose silhouette that works effortlessly dressed up or down. For CNY, the jacket’s rich burgundy shell gives way to a fun fuchsia lining reveal as soon as the sleeves are rolled up.