Shanghai Tang’s Dream Dialogues collection opens a dreamlike dialogue of collective emotions, channelling positivity through meditative reflection. In a time where speed is the norm and change is constant, this new collection is an invitation for us all to slow down, take a deep breath, reflect and ponder our inner whims, ultimately letting it flourish and bloom into something brighter and larger as we stride into spring — a time of new beginnings and revival.

Through a serene colour palette, fluid and airy fabrics, elements with a Chinese touch, the Dream Dialogues collection explores the delicate balance of strength and fragility, telling a story of modern romance with a poetic mood. The campaign photoshoot, directed by the brand’s Creative Director Victoria Tang-Owen and shot by acclaimed photographer Kwannam Chu, echoes this sentiment with a surreal setting and riveting colours that are reminiscent of a lucid dream.

上海灘全新系列以「DREAM DIALOGUES」為題,打開夢一般的情感對話,發放正能量。在瞬息萬變的現今社會,我們對速度和改變習以為常,新系列正好是對我們的一點啟示,提醒我們放慢步伐、深呼吸,與自己內心的思緒對話,靜心探索,在夢囈一般的沉思過後,重拾正能量與目標重新出發。春天為一年伊始,充滿生機的時節亦寓意新開始。

DREAM DIALOGUES」系列採用療癒的色調、輕盈飄逸的布料、帶中式風格的元素,風格鮮明卻豪無違和感,帶來充滿情感的浪漫詩意。宣傳照由品牌創意總監鄧愛嘉執導,並由著名攝影師 Kwannam Chu 掌鏡,整輯相片散發超現實的夢幻意境,以令人著迷的色彩搭配抓住眼球,細節之處見迷思,饒富趣味。

The women’s collection is defined by modern silhouettes with a nod to traditional elements. Fluid details, such as ruffled hemlines, relaxed cap sleeves and pleated panels lend a soft, flowy quality to the beautiful pieces – a qipao reimagined in an A-line cut that resembles a babydoll silhouette, finished with a ruffled hem; a reversed satin Tang shirt dress with deep side slits; and a Milano knit dress with a breezy pleated back panel are amongst a few designs that are distinctively Shanghai Tang elevated with a contemporary touch. The brand’s iconic details, such as the mandarin collar, frog buttons and jewel buttons can be spotted throughout the collection, such as the wide-legged palazzo pants embellished with jewel buttons, and the knit qipao top returning in refreshing new colourways. A stunning number to look out for is the orchid print fit-and-flare dress tailored with diagonal stripe panels at the bodice which cascades into a gorgeous flared skirt, with inverted pleats to create the perfect volume. Other modern-day essentials, including button-up blouses and tops, are updated with a boxy cut and silky fabrics, perfectly juxtaposing softness with gentle structure.

The colour palette for womenswear is tranquil and easy, taking inspiration from calming gemstones, such as jade and coral, while black and white tones encapsulate the balance of yin and yang. Key motifs include orchid and magnolia prints, which are prominent blooms in spring and summer. Rendered in a watercolour effect, the floral prints portray a romantic and whimsical vibe at the core of the collection.

女裝系列 強調富現代感的廓形,飄逸卻流麗俐落,有垂感卻不扁塌,並以傳統元素貫串。流動的細節點綴服裝,例如荷葉邊、輕鬆掛肩的小蓋袖、皺褶拼布等等,為多款精緻的設計添上柔和的質感:傳統新譯的A字剪裁旗袍,帶娃娃裝的可愛味道;啞面色丁的唐裝連身長裙,裙襬高衩隨步伐注入動感;針織連身裙,後背拼接輕盈百褶布…… 一一將上海灘的特色風格糅合現代線條,令人眼前一亮。品牌經典細節處處可見,如標誌性中式立領、手工盤扣、寶石鈕扣等,以寶石扣為例,點綴於時尚的闊腳褲與新色登場的針織立領上衣。當中不得不提的矚目款式,是一條蘭花印花連身傘裙,修身的上身採用斜條紋衣片剪裁而成,再流暢地延伸成華美優雅的傘形下襬,以暗襇打造出完美的蓬度。另外,日常上班與約會必備的單品,如扣鈕恤衫、上衣等等,在上海灘筆下以箱形剪裁與光滑絲質面料重新打造,取得剛與柔的完美平衡。


The men’s collection features updated classics with a strong modern sensibility, crafted from a range of summer-ready fabrics. The signature Tang shirt is refreshed with lightweight cotton-linen fabric and a shorter, boxy fit, giving it a more contemporary appeal. Inspired by traditional Chinese blue workwear, a larger front pocket positioned at mid-chest creates well-considered offset proportions with a whimsical appeal. Another key piece is a travel jacket crafted from breathable linen, combined with a bomber collar to give the sophisticated silhouette a dash of athleisure chic. The collection also offers several fan-favourite band collar shirts perfect for work, one of which is adorned with a hidden arrow embroidery under the placket for a dash of humour.

男裝系列 同樣以現代感為核心,並特別採用適合春夏季節的清爽透氣布料,體貼大都會時尚男士的要求。上海灘最為經典的唐裝恤衫以棉質混亞麻面料重新詮釋,剪裁較為箱形與短身,帶來更顯著的當代感。此款左襟綴以一個加大的貼袋,位置略低,故意營造比例失衡的有趣感覺,貼袋是借鏡傳統中式藍色工服。另一重點款式是一款剪裁時尚的亞麻外套,特意融合運動風格的飛行員外套式衣領,將休閒與文質彬彬廓形融為一體。此款採用薄紗般的亞麻面料和無襯裡設計,在換季和溫暖的季節,帶來透氣的舒適感。2020春夏系列亦提供數款現代男士必備的小企領白色恤衫,當中一款於鈕牌內隱藏弓箭刺繡,幽默感盎然。

Also highly anticipated is the newest addition to the Bing Xu for Shanghai Tang footwear collection. The latest slip-on style features an asymmetric embroidered pattern of ‘Catch Me If You Can’, a humorous and popular cat-and-mouse motif that was showcased across mules and loafers from the well-received previous collection. Available in two types of materials – velvet and linen – and in both men’s and women’s versions, with the latter built in with a chunkier platform outsole.

另一大受期待的單品是「Bing Xu for Shanghai Tang」鞋履系列的新款式,「Catch Me If You Can」貓捉老鼠的可愛畫面於上一季先於穆勒鞋上首度登場,今季載譽歸來並刺繡於街頭風板鞋上,成為日常穿搭必備的百搭款式,備有絲絨與亞麻兩款質料選擇。此款式設有男裝及女裝,女裝是厚身鞋底的顯高款式。